Woman destroys $200,000 worth of art while taking a ‘Selfie’

selfie art damage


A woman snapping a selfie at a Los Angeles art gallery ended up falling over and setting off a domino effect that destroyed $200,000 worth of artwork.

Security camera footage from the 14th Factory gallery, which was displaying the Hypercaine exhibition by Hong Kong artist Simon Birch and international collaborators, shows a woman attempting to snap a selfie with artworks arranged on rows and columns of pillars.

While kneeling down, the woman falls, knocking over the first pillar and triggering a domino effect.



A spokeswoman for the 14th Factory said the security camera footage was filmed about two weeks ago, but was posted to YouTube Thursday by someone claiming to be a friend of Birch. The spokeswoman said three sculptures were permanently damaged and others incurred varying degrees of damage.

The cost of the damage was estimated at about $200,000.

The gallery did not say whether the damage was covered by insurance.

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