The LGBT community Boycotts Barilla as an Impasta

Barilla Chairman Guido Barilla Interview A Guido is just a Guido and Guido Barilla is no different even though he is chairman of the world’s leading brand of cheap pasta.

This week the Carb pushing Guido prompted calls for a consumer boycott on Thursday after telling Italian radio his company would never use a gay family in its advertising.

“I would never do (a commercial) with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect but because we don’t agree with them. Ours is a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role,”

Now known as Guido Stupido, perhaps Barilla’s fundamental role for women is to be chained to the stove making his pasta.

Sounds more like a personal fantasy than buying into such antiquated stereotypes.

Barilla is one of the best known low-end pasta brands around the world and one of Italy’s biggest advertisers, and for many years has used the image of a happy family living in an idealized version of the Italian countryside, with the slogan: “Where there’s Barilla, there’s home”.

In the interview, Barilla said he opposed adoption by gay parents, but was in favor of allowing gay marriage, which is not legal in Italy. His comment about advertising was in response to a direct question about whether he would ever feature a gay family in his company’s commercials.

If gays “like our pasta and our advertising, they’ll eat our pasta, if they don’t like it then they will not eat it and they will eat another brand,” he said.

Aurelio Mancuso, head of gay rights group Equality Italia, said Barilla’s comments were an “offensive provocation” and called for a boycott of the company’s pasta, sauces and snacks.

“We accept the invitation from the Barilla owner to not eat his pasta,” Mancuso said. Many Italians used social media to voice support for a boycott.


Alessandro Zan, a gay member of parliament, said on Twitter: “You can’t mess around with consumers, including gay ones.”

Barilla issued a statement on Thursday apologizing, explaining that he was trying to say “simply that the woman plays a central role in a family.” 

“Barilla features families in its commercials because it embraces anyone, and they have always been identified with our brand,” he said.

Spanish film star Antonio Banderas features in the latest publicity campaign for Barilla’s Mulino Bianco cookies and breakfast cakes. They feature him baking biscuits with children and talking to a chicken called Rosita.

SPY called Antonio Banderas, but was unable to reach him. Since he lives next door to one of our friends, I think we will drop by over the weekend for a one on one chat.

How about a basket of home made goodies Antonio?

Banderas has been very supportive to the LBGT community.

Will the LBGT world community boycott Barilla products?

Yes! The boycott campaign has begun, but let’s be honest, I think it is more of a symbol of outrage than an effective marketing strategy targeted to punish Barilla sales.

The LBGT community has for the most part a sophisticated pallet and Barilla Pasta, is just plain cheap tasteless crap.

I didn’t buy it before and certainly wouldn’t buy it now.

The Barilla company of products gained a world audience because of the economy.

Value over quality sometimes became a necessary compromise when you’re trying to stretch the food dollar.

Barilla, based in Parma, also owns a handful of other brands — Mulino Bianco, Pavesi, Voiello, Alixir — along with a handful of country-specific trademarks.





If I were Barilla’s competitors, I would be jumping all over this opportunity to tap into a community that has one of the highest disposable incomes.






The Real Housewives Of The Cold Icebox War


Now let’s address Barilla‘s insulting bigotoni comments against women, all women with his traditional fundamental role diatribe. The very idea is an insult.

I am sure his wife and his (alleged) mistress were equally unhappy about the level of disrespect pasta boy has towards women.

A record 40% of all traditional fundamental households with children under the age of 18 include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of income for  the family, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The share was just 11% in 1960.

So no, Guido, today’s women are not happily in captivity dancing around in their gleaming kitchens preparing their neanderthal husbands, boyfriends and men folk a pasta dinner. And the LGBT community has become a powerful voice. You should listen.

If you lose your core clientele and alienate potential profitable new communities,  this Guido leadership can only spell out company disaster.

As traditional fundamental roles and family’s change, so should you.

The current foul taste in your mouth is not the remnant of product consumption, but the backwash outrage of women and your insult to the LGBT  communities.

This exercise in bad judgement will be an expensive financial lesson that was easily avoidable. You may now take your foot out of your mouth and place it………………………

I will save that last comment for another day.

Now SPY HOLLYWOOD supports the Boycott of Barilla products. I am sure our taste buds are relieved and overjoyed.





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