The Met Gala, From Costumes To Back Rooms

Monday was the annual Met Gala and this years theme was Chinese Whispers. It was a theme that could produce amazing works of living art while honoring the country  of China or be a walking insult to the institution of fashion.

182 of the Hollywood who’s who and some of News York’s 400 tried to outdo one other for camera time.

The Gala was a gay boy’s pop icon wet dream with Lady Gaga, Madonna and Cher.

Never let it be said that Rihanna doesn’t know how to make an entrance.


Rihanna, The Winner Takes It all

The ensemble came with a little pink mini-dress underneath, and a sparkling tiara. In keeping with the evening’s theme — China, and its artistic influence on the West — the outfit came from Beijing-based designer Guo Pei, whose sumptuous designs also are on display in the current Metropolitan Museum exhibit, “China: Through the Looking Glass.”

Singer Rihanna arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala 2015 celebrating the opening of "China: Through the Looking Glass" in Manhattan, New York

Ms. Rihanna arrives at the Met Gala and all eyes are fixated on her. Rihanna Wins the Best Of The Best Award, & Best Red Carpet, F’ecking Amazing

Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, arrived so late that many photographers were giving up and leaving. She was highly photogenic, though, in an ultra-sheer, bejeweled Givenchy Haute Couture gown by Riccardo Tisci. But as I looked at the dress I could not help think I have seen this before. At 3;00 A.M. in the morning I sprung up in my bed and ran to my DVD collection and pulled out Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America. Behold! Looks like we found the inspiration for the dress and hair.


Original, Or Copy Kitty Cat, I see Riccardo Tisci saw “Coming To America” also.

Although Beyonce’s dress is bedazzled with Deep, ruby reds, shimmery golds and other jewel tones dominated the color scheme.

The multitudes of fashionista’s embraced this year’s China inspiration. There were sequins aplenty, and embroidery was sparkle everywhere.

She was followed by a succession of stars from film, music, fashion, TV and even sports unrivaled anywhere but perhaps the Oscars. As actress Kate Hudson noted: “It’s like Oscar night for the fashion world, but without the pressure of who’s going to get an award.” Hudson was dressed in a sleek gown of gold sequins, by Michael Kors.

Actress Kate Hudson arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala 2015 celebrating the opening of "China: Through the Looking Glass," in Manhattan

Kate Hudson, Well who doesn’t love gold, ah! Looks a bit like Goldmember although it fits her well. She is painted a bit older than she is. Just saying

One of the biggest stars of the evening — and a surprise, until the last moment — was Cher, in an understated (relatively) sequined Marc Jacobs gown in gray and purple with a vaguely floral motif. It was lovely in person but the photos do not do it justice.

U.S. singer Cher arrives for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala 2015 celebrating the opening of "China: Through the Looking Glass," in Manhattan

Cher, I don’t like it but she is Cher damn it she can wear what ever she wants.

There were also a number of Chinese celebrities in attendance, perhaps chief among them actress Gong Li, who offered a girlish tilt of her head as she waved in a deep red velvet gown with black lace and a fan design. Celebrated film director Wong Kar Wai was there as the Met exhibit’s artistic director.


Gong Li, Enchanting in AUBERGINE

Sarah Jessica Parker, who was one of the unqualified hits on last year’s red carpet in elegant custom Oscar de la Renta, did not disappoint this time around, appearing in a towering red headpiece that resembled fiery flames. Designed by milliner Philip Treacy, the piece bore long red tassels on each side.

“We thought it told a great story, and also gave you ideas on how you could rethink what is important in your life and ways to reuse it again,” Parker said.

Parker said she’d been working on the outfit since November, after getting “piecemeal clues” from Wintour on what this year’s theme might be.

One of the world’s most watched women, Amal Clooney, arrived on her husband’s arm in a tiered ruby-red gown by John Galliano for Maison Margiela.

George Clooney and wife Amal Clooney arrive at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala 2015 celebrating the opening of "China: Through the Looking Glass," in Manhattan

Amal Clooney, Delightful

And another widely watched woman, Lady Gaga, wore a huge kimono-like garment studded with feathers by Balenciaga. Gaga drew cheers when she waved to the crowd packed behind bleachers across Fifth Avenue from the museum.

U.S. singer Lady Gaga (R) is seen with American fashion designer Wang after arriving for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala 2015 celebrating the opening of "China: Through the Looking Glass," in Manhattan

Lady Gaga, Well face was flawless and love the crown but the dress doesn’t fit her well. And where is her new squeeze. Something missing here.

Actress Kristen Wiig embraced the evening’s color scheme, wearing a flowing yellow chiffon number by Prabal Gurung, who accompanied her on the carpet.


Kristen Wiig , Yellow is hard for most Asians to pull off but her complexion is so fair it is charming. A little yellow bird.

Jennifer Lopez bared a lot more skin in a red Versace gown with sheer side panels.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, Peek -A-Boo, I see you, maravilloso

Kim Kardashian opted for sheer, too, in a white gown with a feathery train by Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli, the designer’s first for the house. Little sister Kendall Jenner went with Calvin Klein, sparkling in green with sexy laces on each side. Mom Kris was there, too, in a bright red draped gown with a gold belt.


Kim Kardashian You love her, love to hate her, butt and there is certainly one hear for all to see. You have to give it up This girl can pull it off. Stunning.

Anne Hathaway shimmered in a sleek hooded body-skimmer from Ralph Lauren. Her hair in a temporary bob, Katie Holmes took Zac Posen’s arm in one of his designs, a sparkly blue gown with cutouts at the back.


Anne-Hathaway, Sorry Ralph Lauren. but this dress looks a bit home made and not top runway look. It is like Gold-finger meets the kkk-mart. body-skimmer from Ralph Lauren made it at home collection.

Justin Beiber arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala 2015 celebrating the opening of "China: Through the Looking Glass," in Manhattan

What can I say, Don’t spill sizzurp on the bolero jacket.

Justin Bieber showed up in a black jacket slithering with gold dragons, by Balmain. A bird of paradise adorned the bottom of “Glee” star Dianna Agron’s one-shoulder Tory Burch gown.

Chinese actress Tang Wei glittered, literally, in a silver dress embedded with thousands of crystals. “I came here to see beauties,” she said, “all the beautiful actresses.”


Tang Wei glittered, literally

The guests all seemed aware of a new ban Wintour had placed on selfies inside. They seemed to be happy to go along with it and completely ignored it when inside.

“I think selfies can kind of cut into the moment and the fun,” said Gabrielle Union, in purple Posen, accompanied by husband Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat.


Gabrielle-Union, Ok Girl, Great Color , bad fit. While the fan is cute it doesn’t make up for this safeness if not boring dress. I am sure this was a knee jerk reaction to the black chicken dress she wore last year. Bridesmaids beware.

“It’s not that fun if you need to document the whole thing.”

Parker agreed.

“I can’t tell you how liberating that is to hear,” she said. “Remember when we used to just have these experiences and if we were lucky we captured them and so they’d be here (pointing to her head) and here (pointing to her heart)? I feel really happy about it frankly. We’ll see who breaks the rule first.”


Best Dressed

Worst Dressed

Not Bad, But Not Great

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