Televangelist Paul Crouch Has Left The Building

paul_crouch_rogues_galleryTelevangelist Paul Crouch, who co-founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network (Otherwise known as Pay The Lord) in 1973, is finally dead. He was 79.

Crouch was hospitalized for congestive heart failure two years ago and received a pacemaker last year. It was reported Crouch went back into the hospital last month and for a while needed a ventilator to help him breathe. Crouch and his wife, the cotton candy haired Jan, founded TBN as Trinity Broadcasting Systems in 1973 with co-founders Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. The Bakkers were swindled out of their share of the company, but went on to build their own ministry, the PTL Club.
TBN corporate headquarters in Costa Mesa, Calif is often refereed to as the Trailer Vatican with its never ending Christmas lights displays.
trinitybroadcastingheadquartersDesigned like a Las Vegas Theme Park, when you drive by you think “There it is, Three Flags over Jesus.
TBN has conned viewers and bilked the offering plates to become the largest sort of faith network in the country and the seventh-largest owner of television stations.
It has studios in Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, and in New York City.

The network also has 84 satellite channels and more than 18,000 television and cable affiliates worldwide. TBN has also produced propaganda movies and television programming.

The Crouch’s, along with Benny Hinn, believe in ‘its better for you to give than receive’ faith healing. They consistently proclaim if you give until it hurts you will be healed. Now I could not find one single person with any credible evidence that any viewer was healed by giving away their savings to Paul, Jan, Benny or any of the so-called TV faith healers. Unfortunately I could find plenty of graves of people who just didn’t believe enough or give enough to receive that advertised blessing.


Preying not Praying

Now it would seem this alcohol marinated Man Of God was on his knees for more than just praying.

This television minister was caring on a tawdry sexual relationship with a TBN employee, Enoch Lonnie Ford.

Ford, an ex-convict, drug user and convicted child molester, had been employed by TBN as a limo driver, telephone receptionist, and also as a photographer, even though he had few job skills and did not know how to operate a camera.

Gay lovers Ford and Crouch evidently had a falling out, and a legal dispute ensued. Ford was given $425,000 in hush money by Crouch, a TBN lawyer says, and he agreed to keep quiet about his and Crouch’s sexual relationship.

Ford came back to demand a staggering ten million dollars from Crouch and TBN, or else! Allegedly, TBN and Crouch then offered one million dollars to Ford in exchange for his not publishing a finished book manuscript that Ford had threatened to publish detailing the gay tryst between he and lover Crouch.

In the unpublished manuscript, Ford alleges that Paul Crouch not only had gay sex with him, but forced him to submit to sex to keep his job. Ford also says he and Crouch visited an L.A. area nightclub together and spent two nights at the fancy and luxurious Regent Wilshire Hotel in ritzy Beverly Hills, California. According to Ford they also had sex together at a cabin at a Lake Arrowhead resort owned by TBN.

TBN and Crouch admit that $425,000 hush money was paid Ford, but, predictably, deny all other charges. The broadcast network’s attorneys are asking a judge to order Ford to keep his end of the hush money bargain by killing the potentially damning manuscript.

paul-crouch-mansionTBN is Scandalishious

Two former employees of the world’s largest Christian television channel Trinity Broadcasting Network are accusing the non-profit of spending $50 million of its funding on extravagant personal expenses.

Among purchases, the network founded by Televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch, is accused of misappropriating its ‘charitable assets’ toward a $50 million jet, 13 mansions and a $100,000-mobile home for Mrs Crouch’s dogs.

Their granddaughter, Brittany Koper, 26, recently filed her allegations in court after a brief appointment as the network’s chief finance director in July.

According to Mr McVeigh’s accounts filed in his lawsuit, the network used their collections for side-by-side mansions in Florida, as well as in Texas, Tennessee and California.

The network’s $50 million luxury jet was purchased through a sham loan while Mrs Crouch’s personal jet, a Hawker, totalled $8 million, according to his suit.

The 13 properties listed in the suit were also referred to as ‘guest homes’ or ‘church parsonages’ while their directors also received $300,000 to $500,000 in meal expenses, as well as the use of chauffeurs.

The suit also accuses the network of using funds to cover up sex scandals according to the Times’ review of the suit.


  • $100,000-mobile home for Mrs Crouch’s dogs
  • $50 million luxury jet purchased through a sham loan
  • $8 million personal Hawker jet for Mrs Crouch
  • 13 properties listed in the suit as ‘guest homes’ or ‘church parsonages’ in Florida, Texas, Tennessee and California
  • $300,000 to $500,000 meal expenses for network directors, as well as the use of chauffeurs

trinitybroadcasting4In a reverse lawsuit filed by debt-collection company Redemption Strategies last year, the Kopers have been accused of forging documents to obtain items such as several vehicles, jewelry, a boat, motorcycle, and life insurance. The debt collection company was registered with the state by a TBN attorney one day before it filed suit against Mr Koper.

They accuse Mr McVeigh of also receiving thousands of dollars from the non-profit without their authorization.

That lawsuit against Mr McVeigh and Mr Koper was later dropped by the court, but not before Mrs Koper and two in-laws were added as defendants.

Mrs Koper counter-sued, alleging that TBN’s attorneys formed Redemption Strategies to retaliate against her for whistleblowing.

Her suit doesn’t list TBN as a defendant, but it alleges that Mrs Koper was fired and made to turn over her house, condominium, life insurance policy, car, furniture and jewelry as ‘an act of Christian contrition’ when she complained about the financial misdeeds at TBN.

In the similar suit filed by Mr McVeigh, he alleges that TBN attorneys also targeted him as part of a campaign of retaliation for his reporting of their lavish spending.

TBN attorney Colby May called the McVeigh’s lawsuit a ‘tabloid filing’ and said the allegations in both cases were ‘utterly and completely contrived.’ TBN suspects McVeigh, who claims he received a $65,000 loan from the family empire, was working with the Kopers to steal money from the ministry, Mr May said.
On any given day — or night — viewers from the United States to India can watch Christian-inspired news updates, documentaries, movies, talk shows and sermons by preachers such as Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes and Dr. Creflo Dollar without leaving their armchairs.
The lawsuit attention comes at a bad time for TBN, which has seen viewer donations drop steeply.

TBN raked in $92 million in donations in 2010 and cleared $175 million in tax-free revenue, but its net income plummeted from nearly $60 million in 2006 to a loss of $18 million in 2010, the most recent year available. Donations fell by nearly $30 million in the same period — a hit the network blames on the bad economy.At the same time, Mrs Koper’s father — the eldest Crouch son — resigned abruptly as vice president and chief-of-staff late last year.

The unexplained departure of Paul Crouch Jr. roughly coincided with his daughter’s legal battle and came just months after he launched iTBN, a project to expand the network’s online and mobile reach.

TBN places a premium on privacy and it’s almost impossible to divine what is going on behind the scenes. Yet televangelist empires built largely on charisma often encounter choppy waters as their founding personalities age.
They could run a loss like the one they ran last year for an awfully long time before they would run out of money,’ Mr Leonard said. ‘They’re basically taking money from old people and putting it in their pocket and living the high life.’


TBN is no stranger to outside scrutiny.

In 2000, after a five-year battle, a federal appeals court overturned a ruling by the FCC that found Mr Crouch had created a ‘sham’ minority company to get around limits on the number of TV stations he could own.

With their termination from the network, both Mr MacLeod and Mrs Koper plan to file a wrongful-termination suit according to the Times.

Oh For Christ Sake!

It is also  alleged that Mathew Crouch, the heir apparent of the TBN dynasty is not the biological son of its founding father, but the love child of Jan Crouch and Mr. America 1954. Richard (Dick) DuBois.

Dick DuBois was one of the most popular of the bodybuilders, during the golden age of physique photography. He was one of the best built and most handsome men from the era.

No it is no surprise here, if you had a choice between Paul and Dick, most intelligent people would choose Dick every time.

The TBN legacy is to be added to the ever growing list of fallen Televangelist.

They reunite with the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. in the halls of justice now filled with other  lost television snake oil salesmen who were selling the cure and drank way to much of their own cool-aid. Ain’t Karma A Bitch

Lou Ceffer

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    TBN has always been corrupt. They should have known by their age, you don’t get away with sin, or the cover ups There is always a pay day. I don’t know who’s worse, TBN, or the Federal Government. Thank God for the Grandaughter, Brittany, who took a stand. It sure seems like they were getting away with everything. I hope they were both able to repent . Who knows, maybe they made it in by the skin of their teeth.

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