Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan treated for incurable disease

Lindsay Lohan was released from a London hospital this week following treatment for an incurable illness she came down with while on vacation over the holidays. Lohan, 28, reportedly came down with the chikungunya virus she picked while vacationing in Bora Bora. Spread by mosquitoes, the rare and incurable virus causes fever, debilitating joint pain […]

Was Lindsay Downright Lohanded? Or is it Pulp Fiction?

Is Lindsay Lohan wanted nearly dead from the Hilton family and almost alive from Miami Beach police? The story goes that fresh out of rehab Lindsay fled the media in Miami from a hotel’s penthouse suite after cops showed up twice to interview her, her staff, and devoted entourage after Paris and Nicky Hilton’s little […]

Venice Film Festival Announced

New films from Stephen Frears, Terry Gilliam and Jonathan Glazer will have their world premieres at this year’s Venice International Film Festival. In celebration of the 70th edition of the Venice Film Festival, the Biennale di Venezia has created the special project, Venezia 70-Future Reloaded.  70 movie directors from all over the world have been […]

Miss Rehab 2013, Lindsay Lohan Is Once Again Heading to Court

D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries is adding another lawsuit to Lindsay Lohan’s decorated files. Beyond the Leggings, the manufacturer of Lohan’s 6126 leggings line, which Lohan sued in 2013 over licensing issues, responded with fury, and is now suing the actress for $5 million, claiming that Lohan’s drink-and-drug-fueled antics tarnished sales. According to DNAM, starting from spring […]

The Wild Lohan Was Caught and Caged At Betty Ford. (Update)

Can I start making dead Lindsay Lohan jokes yet or is it too soon? With her career on life support, Lindsay Lohan’s whereabouts is now confirmed at the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage CA. Being a frequent visitor Miss Lohan has been in Betty Ford more than Gerald. If you remember back in 2010, […]