From Russia With No Eurovision Love

From Russia With No Eurovision Love

Russia has officially pulled out of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest following the controversy which saw their singer Yulia Samoylova banned from entering Ukraine. The former Russian X Factor competitor had been due to compete at the contest – due to be held in Kiev in May – with a ballad entitled Flame Is Burning, […]

Eurovision Song Contest Rating App

Eurovision Song Contest Rating App

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest is from Vienna, Austria and there is an app which will help you keep track of all the songs and follow along as the contest progresses. Here at SPY we’ve come across a useful application that can make your viewing more enjoyable. With ESC Rating you can easily remember which […]

The Queen Of Austria Wins Eurovision

Conchita Fever has taken over Europe. The legend grew into a full movement after the second preliminary where Europe gave Conchita a warm hand on her entrance. Conchita earned enough points to move easily into the finals. The bookies predictions named Armenia the winner until a wave of change came over Europe. You could feel […]

Will Conchita Wurst Drag Down Eurovision?

Conchita Wurst will take to the European stage as Austria’s contender for Eurovision, the song contest that pits nation versus nation and launched the global careers of ABBA and Celine Dion, Wurst’s idol. Sporting high-heels, butterfly eyelashes and a full beard, Wurst – real name: Tom Neuwirth – is an unlikely contestant for conservative Austria, […]

Malta’s Gaia Cauchi Takes Top Prize at Junior Eurovision Contest

Malta has won this year’s Junior Eurovision Song contest held in Kiev, Ukraine. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was the 11th annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It took place in Kiev, Ukraine on 30 November 2013. The venue for the contest was announced on 10 April 2013, as the Palace “Ukraine”. Ukrainian broadcaster NTU […]

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