“Spy’s 2018 Man Of The Year.” Laith Ashley


If you haven’t heard about Laith Ashley yet, you’re seriously missing out on the heartthrob taking over New York and the world.

He’s abs-olutely gorgeous. In fact Laith is our “Spy’s 2018 Man Of The Year.”

Laith Ashley is extremely attractive. That much is inescapably clear. But one thing that we didn’t know is that he’s at the beginning of a burgeoning musical career. In 2017 he released a single, titled “Before You Go,” delivering a R&B-tinged dance track with emotional lyrics. Ashley’s sophomore single is available for your auditory pleasure, below:

Now I usually do not like to write about people who HAVE EVERYTHING. Unbelievable looks, a body of death, a smile that can melt concrete and a personality that is so pure and sweet it restores your faith in human nature.  But in Laith’s case I have made an exception.


Now most of you who know me understand I get feelings about people and I am never wrong. (never). While I know Laith wants to be the best he can be and that has been a challenge when I feel his mom has not quiet excepted him as a superstar. It is ironic that the world is currently praising Laith as the very idea of sexy and yet his loved ones still see him as he was when he was little.

thLaithBesides good looks, what makes someone sexy? For me it’s Humor. Humor is sexy.

Humor is attractive to men and women — but not in the same way. The research shows women like men and women who make them laugh, and men like men and women who laugh at their jokes.

Funny people are smart, and smart is sexy and erotic.

What makes Laith Ashley erotic?

Laith_AshleySex is not new; nor the idea that erotic taste varies from person to person. Some like big, some small, wild, or cultured, vixen or modest, ripped or boy next door, tall, or short, settled or a nomad, in charge or submissive, loving or selfish.

Personality counts as well and Laith has a genuine accepting personality.

Pick up Plato’s 2500 year old dialogue on love called The Symposium. The main character, Socrates, had no money, no looks and no position. But he was charismatic, brilliant and compelling, and others found him exciting.

Now historically, for me what usally makes a person attractive? Or gorgeous? Or beautiful? (Or whatever your favorite adjective is)…is a few drinks?

With Laith, you can stay sober. Now he might need a few libations to see the rest of us as gleaming as he is viewed but that is another Oprah show.

Research shows we don’t really fall in love with a person — we fall in love with how we feel when we’re with them or in most cases view them.

This is best demonstrated by the concept of emotional contagion: we’re bad at telling what made us feel a certain way, but good about making associations.

There’s still a lot about love and sex that can’t be easily quantified. Studies show “love at first sight” is real.

Many of Laith’s devoted fans and stalkers have never met him in person. We may have binged on his videos, seen him on the runways or had him join us in the bathroom. (wink wink). But we see what we want to see. It must be hard for him to live up to the very tall pedestal we have placed him on.

I am sure he has days of depression where he wants to veg in front of the tube and eat Ben and Jerry’s. His body comes at a cost. It is more than an emotional and medical sacrifice it is painful.

Laith has the “It” factor. (What Is “It”?)

I’m sure that you all know someone with “it” – someone who’s personal charisma and appeal make them stand out like a bonfire at midnight. There’s just something about them that’s absolutely dynamicThey draw the attention (and desire) of people around them, seemingly without conscious effort.

People with “it” may be good looking, yet “it” isn’t about looks. People with “it” may be famous or wealthy or powerful… but that’s not what “it” is. Y’see, “it” isn’t just one thing. It’s a combination of personality traits, behaviors and attitudes that combine in such a way as to create an emotional whole that radiates charisma and desirability.

People who have “it” have a singular ability: they make you feel as though you are the most important person in the world.

Tom Cruise, another “IT” for example, is famous for his ability to talk to anyone about just about anything and make you believe he’s absolutely fascinated by what you have to say. Not just that he’s being polite and counting down the minutes until the social contract says that he’s allowed to leave, but enthusiastically participating in the conversation – asking questions, repeating what you’ve said just to be sure he’s understanding it.

People with “it” aren’t flicking their attention around the room. They’re not checking their iPhones. They’re not letting themselves be preoccupied or inattentive. They are letting you know that they find you enthralling.

Laith has the “It” factor.

Laith asks questions – probing questions, not just surface queries designed to keep the conversation moving along. You walk away from talking with Laith feeling as though you’ve just had the most intense experience in your life because he made it all about you.

And we like people who show interest in us.

xLaith is a master of eye contact. You may hear about his “intense” gaze or his sexy eyes. This is because Laith understands the value of strong eye contact. Eye contact is more than just a way of keeping your eyes from checking out someone’s physical attributes, it’s also a way of communicating non-verbally. By making eye contact with the person Laith is talking to, he is heightening that connection, saying “I am giving you my full attention.”

Laith’s genuine smile, on the other hand, makes people warm up to him. It makes people feel comfortable, even happy, because he makes you comfortable and relaxed.

Some people are psychic vampires. When you talk to them, you feel drained emotionally; you walk away feeling exhausted, as though you had been standing with every muscle tensed at the same time.

When you’re talking with someone who has “it”, like Laith you feel energized. You come away feeling like you’re buzzing, positively electric… because people who have the “it” factor bring positive energy with them.


He makes people around him feel good because he doesn’t focus on the negative. He doesn’t constantly pick at your faults or point out flaws, nor does he complain, bitch and moan as a rule. We have seen him spread praise and look at the bright side, even if he has to search really fucking hard for it.

I think now Laith is in touch with his emotions. He no longer suppresses his feelings, but at the same time he doesn’t spray them all over the place. They don’t control how he feels, they just control how he expresses it.

Laith beams positivity and a personal connection that can make all the difference between a pretty face and someone who’s just magnetic. 

And those lips, I mean really, OMG.


Laith Ashley, Our 2018 role model and Man Of The Year.

Congratulations Mr. De La Cruz.

His second single is now live on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, and more!


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