Our Fairy Tale Pumpkin For Turkey Day

centerpieceSupplies You Will Need.
Cinderella or Fairytale pumpkin
Knife for carving
Wet Floral Foam
Floral picks
Floral wire
3 – 5 Coxcomb (per arrangement)*
Bundle of Hanging Amaranthus
Bundle of Dahlia
Bundle of Celosia (the purple spiky ones)
Bundle of Crapspedia (the orange dangly ones)
Bundle of Crocosmia (Billy Bob… the little yellow balls)
Bundle of Freesia
Bundle of China Berries
I got an extra bundle of burgundy mums to add just in case I did not have enough (did not show these in the video)
Pachysandra or other greenery (5 – 7 per arrangement)
Preserved Moss
Mini Pumpkins
Decorative Squash or gourds
Table runner

*For 3 arrangements, I ordered 2 bundles of Coxcomb, 2 bundles of Dahlia; the rest was enough to spread around into the three pumpkins. The main pumpkin was a good 18″ across, and the other 2 were about 12″ across.

Choosing your Flowers:
Choose a fall color palette. Oranges, yellows, burgundy, and purple for a punch of color. I go to a wholesale florist that is open to the public. Check with the florist as to when you should order your flowers to arrive on time. (Usually a week). Don’t leave it to chance that they will have what you need at this busy time of year. You can make this arrangement 2 days in advance and should last about 7 days if you keep the foam watered…just stick your finger down into the foam to see if it is still wet. You will have some leftover flowers if you need to spruce it up.

Put your flowers into water as soon as you get home, and use floral preservative to make them last longer. Do maintenance cut on all the stems… just a trim to let them drink water better. Make the cut at a 45o angle under water, so air doesn’t get up into the stem. It is easiest to do this in the sink.
Meanwhile start soaking your floral foam. It should soak at least 30 minutes before you start putting flowers into it. It should take 1 — 2 bricks, depending on the size of your pumpkin

Select a flat type pumpkin like a Fairytale or Cinderella in an appropriate size for your table. Use 3 arrangements if your table is very long.

Cut a square hole in the top of the pumpkin so that the foam will fit in better, and make sure the hole is big enough to hold enough flowers. I cut the lid into several small pieces so I could get it out easier.

Start with the hanging Amaranthus on the edge of the pumpkin. I used floral picks for these…just 4 or 5 sprays…then add some China Berries around the edge.

Then, start filling the corners with the Dahlias, in groups of three. Next, start filling in the center with the Coxcomb….be careful, their stems are thick; but they snap easily…use a floral pick, and push it in slowly into the foam, keeping your fingers close to the bottom of the stem, as you are pushing it in. Use 3 – 5 depending on the size of the pumpkin and the size of the coxcomb.

Add the Freesia and then 3 — 5 Celosia (the purple spiky ones, and 3 Crocosmia (the little yellow balls) At this point, you will start seeing where the holes are. Use 5 — 7 pieces of greenery to fill in. Also use the China berries and Amaranthus. Use the preserved moss to hide any foam that is still showing.

Place a table runner on your dining table…..I like to kind of scrunch mine up and put mini pumpkins and decorative squash and gourds on it. You could also use Jackson Vine (Smilax) under the pumpkin.

This is really not hard to make at all. Feel free to ask questions. Have fun, and send me your pictures!

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