New Plinko Record on The Price is Right

plinko record

There’s a new Plinko record, which a very, very, VERY excited “Price is Right” contestant set on Thursday.

Ryan Belz, a contestant from Philadelphia, was already hyper when Drew Carey invited him onstage but he freaked out when he discovered he’d be playing the Plinko game, one of the iconic games on the Price is Right.

Contestants have to guess correct digits in the prices of prizes to earn Plinko chips. They take the chips to the top of a game board and drop them into a slot, where they travel down to reveal winning amounts.

Ryan amazingly manages to score $10,000 with his first chip, which alone would be enough to make anyone ecstatic.

But then after getting $1,000 on his second chip, Ryan managed to land on another $10,000 with his third, a ‘paltry’ $500 with his fourth, and … wait for it … $10,000 with his final chip — breaking the all time Plinko record to win an overall cool $31,500.



Belz had said in an interview after the big win that he figured his job at Target would help him estimate the prices.




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