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You probably already know that the odds of winning the lottery are astronomically against you. Whether you’ve been told you have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice, spontaneously combusting or waking up one morning as your Aunt Phyllis, pretty much whatever improbable scenario you can imagine is more likely.

There’s a very good reason why people liken long shots to “winning the lottery.” Scratchers have slightly better odds with a one-in-four chance of taking home a prize. But the actual chances of retiring on a Powerball jackpot are close to 1 in 175 million.

That’s Exactly What This Woman Was Out To Prove

Glenda Blackwell was growing tired of her husband wasting their money on Powerball each week. She didn’t see a point in risking their hard earned income on something with so little return. She set out to teach him a lesson both of them wouldn’t soon forget.

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Before running a few errands one day, Blackwell asked her husband if he needed anything. He quickly told her to pick up his weekly stock of potential Powerball winners. She agreed but had ulterior motives.

She Would Never Have Guessed

“Sometimes I get aggravated with him, so I tell him, ‘You’re just wasting your money,’” she explained to CNN. “I was going to be ugly and buy a scratch off to show him they didn’t hit.”

Experts have developed algorithms and tricks to improving those odds. Yes, scratchers have a strategy. Most people blindly purchase the perforated cards. Blackwell had no such strategy, she just wanted to make a point. As she scratched her lucky numbers, many of them started to match up.

Defying The Odds

Anyone would be thrilled to simply win their money back from a scratcher. It’s even more exciting when you can win a few extra bucks in order to buy more scratchers. But Glenda wound up hitting the $1 million prize.

“I had to eat my words, but they were worth eating,” said Blackwell. “So, I was very happy.”

After paying taxes, the Blackwells took home $415,503. It is enough for the happy family to purchase a home and some land. They will use the rest of invest in a college education for their granddaughters.

Her husband likely continues to pick Powerball his lucky numbers each week, but like the saying goes – lightning never strikes the same place twice.

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