Lights, Camera, Party, “Well Do Your Best Darling”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock (5588445x) Atmosphere 88th Academy Awards Governors Ball Press Preview, Los Angeles, America - 18 Feb 2016

I love everything about the Oscars. The gorgeous dresses. The hosts. The surprise of who will win. I love it all. So I also loved styling this Oscar party and am so excited to be sharing these fun ideas with you today. I hope you love these Oscar party ideas! Your party food is also covered, (See Oscar Menu in an additional post).

Now Golden Oscar Rule, Lets talk about your guests.  You should only invite people you enjoy being around and most importantly people who really care about the Oscars, what the glam girls are wearing…or will at least crack really funny Kevin Hart-ish jokes while you all watch. No Debbie Downers on Oscar night! The people at your party should be fun, socially addicted and photo friendly. That girl who is against selfies or duck faces can’t sit with us!

I personally think that indulging in libations at least once a day keeps the stress away, but who am I. For your Oscar party, you are going to need a marvelous Oscar-themed, cocktail list.

The perfect decor for your Oscar-themed party should include everything you would find at the theater and in Hollywood. Popcorn, gold stars, film strips, disposable cameras…go overboard with your decor, this is the time to be extra.

oscar party Here are a few steps to make it a success!

  1. Paparazzi
    Make your guests pose for pictures as they arrive, preferably use a Polaroid camera and make your own wall of fame with all your guests.
  2. Simple snacks
    Serve your Oscar menu but also offer food that people will find easy to eat. Among all the awards and glamor, no one will have time to sit down and eat too much anyway.
  3. Dress up
    Tell all your guests to dress up in their best suits and dresses and make your own red carpet fashion show.
  4. Rank best and worst dressed
    While waiting for the ceremony to begin, rank the celebrities from best to worst dressed – then compare your lists. Was Lupita Nyong’o #1 on everyone’s list this year as well?
  5. The perfect playlist
    You don’t want the party buzz to die out between the rounds, so prepare a playlist full of movie hits – and dance along if you want to.
  6. Quiz your guests
    Who won best actress in 1995? Most importantly, who actually remembers it to this day? Quiz your guests on Oscars trivia.
  7. Oscar bingo
    Think you know what’s gonna happen? Make it into a game of bingo, looking something like the one below. Some of them are given, but there might be a couple surprises.


  1. Give out awards
    Think your guests deserve an award? Make up your own categories and give out awards during your party. Best drinker or best dance moves, anything goes!
  2. Sit back and watch the awards
    The most important event of the evening – the award ceremony itself.
  3. The after party
    Don’t want the fun to end when the ceremony does? Simply arrange an after party, something similar to Elton John’s is the minimum.elton 2
  4. The Swag Bag
    Don’t want the fun to end, I know dear, but your guest don’t have to go home but they can’t stay here so to get the exit going by giving out your own Hollywood Swag bags. Your parties big winner gets their very own golden bag with special goodies reserved just for your contest winners. But this year all our party guests go with a bit of Hollywood swag in a gift bag with the number of items inside to spell out Hollywood. We start with H.

H. Diamond Engagement Ring Charm, $2, Accessorize
So very like those Harry Winston necklaces, in all the most important ways.

O. Oscar Statue, $10, Hollywood Megastore
An award for the biggest ham of the party, perhaps.

L. Midnight in Paris DVD, $13.49, Amazon
Someone should win something for this, even if it’s only one of your guests.

L. Mercy Hangover Cure, $11.50,
Because if the stars can’t enjoy all that free-flowing Veuve Cliquot, someone should certainly do it for them.

Y. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, $3,
Think of it as having your own personal touch-up stylist in your pocket.

W. Homemade Strawberry Preserves. I renamed these “Hollywood Berry” Preserves with a fun new gold and black label. Hum

O, A piece of my world famous Cheesecake Souffle. On the top of this take home goodie is a golden star and dressed in Black, and Gold eatable glitter. Perfect when home in bed and needing something sweet.

O. Oscar Shortbread Cookie. You can get the mold on I get individual bags at Michaels and tie them up with all the grandeur of a Hollywood theme party.

D. Golden Carmel or Zebra Popcorn from POPOLISHIOUS. Available online or in many supermarkets. Each of my spoiled guests, receive their own bag to take home.




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