Kitchen & Cooking Fails That Will Make Even a Bad Cook Cringe

We’ve all had a kitchen cooking failure or mess. Something burns, something overcooks.

But ours are most likely of the mild version.

However, there are indeed those really, REALLY bad ‘cooks’ out there that will make you cringe…even a bad cook will do a head shake!

Here now are a few of the odd, cringe-worthy kitchen and cooking fails.

Don’t you feel a lot better about YOUR little mess?


 “My eggs with rice this morning…”

“My eggs with rice this morning…”


kitchen fail electric burner

Plastic and electric burners don’t go together.


kitchen fail pizza nuclear

Nuclear Pizza…umm, you forgot the tray!


kitchen fail deviled egg chick

Whoa! Those are some sad, sad chicks!


kitchen fail bread

Wonder if the baker had a spare pair…


kitchen fail pressure cooker

Pressure cookers are scary.

kitchen fail pressure cooker 2

Again, pressure cookers are scary.. and powerful!

kitchen fail pizza

What is it with people putting pizza directly on the rack??


Hilarious Cooking Fails

No. Just no.


kitchen fail drunk munchies

He came home drunk, hungry.. and dozed off.

kitchen fail reality cake

Hope it didn’t scare the kid!

kitchen fail dont bake

Please keep your day job. Is this even edible??



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