James Corden Does ‘Beauty And The Beast’ In Crosswalk Musical

James Corden plays Belle in a Crosswalk Musical version of Beauty and the Beast.


late late show beauty beast


In addition to hosting The Late Late Show, James Corden somehow finds time to run a theater company that brings musicals to the common man. They achieve this feat by staging full productions outside of CBS Television City, specifically in the crosswalk at Beverly Boulevard and Genesee Avenue.

Mind you, the performances take place while the crosswalk signal is green, and as soon as the light is to change, the cast gets out of the way…until the next change.  Traffic is not held up, but it sure is a treat to be in line when it’s Crosswalk Musical time.

Corden assembled his his Crosswalk Theater Company at the intersection of Beverly Blvd. and Genesee Ave. in L.A. Wednesday for a special performance on The Late Late Show.

late late show beauty 2

“Gather round. You’re probably wondering why I’m holding this rose. The reason I am holding this rose is the production we will be performing is a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme. We will be performing Beauty and the Beast!” he said. “When choosing our next production, I wanted to make sure we were challenged even further as a cast.” To do that, Corden asked three of the live-action film’s stars—Luke Evans, Josh Gad and Dan Stevens—to join the cast.

“After all that time on set, it’s going to be amazing to perform in front of a live audience again,” said Stevens, who shared Evans’ glee. Gad was honored to be involved, gushing, “To be invited by James to perform at the crosswalk outside of CBS—that’s what we call a dream come true.”

“Wait,” Stevens said. “We’re performing where?”


late late show beauty 3

During rehearsals, Corden did a series of trust exercises. “It’s always difficult when newcomers join the production. I have to put them through their paces in the parking lot,” he said. “That’s the closest you’ll ever get to being out there on the crosswalk. As Gad rehearsed “Be Our Guest,” Corden hurled dodge balls at the actor. “Josh, that could’ve been a school bus,” he said.

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Watch the hysterical Crosswalk Musical below:


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