I Am Blue With News Of No Avatar 2 For 2018

The sequel to all-time box office champion “Avatar” has been delayed again and will not be arriving in movie theaters as expected in 2018, director James Cameron has said.

Cameron told the media that he was working on all four planned movie sequels simultaneously and had no firm release date for “Avatar 2.”

“Well! 2018 is not happening.

We haven’t announced a firm release date,” the Oscar-winning director told the media press in interviews. When asked about progress on “Avatar 2. he said

“What people have to understand is that this is a cadence of releases. So we’re not making ‘Avatar 2.’ We’re making ‘Avatar 2,’ 3, 4 and 5. It’s an epic undertaking.”

“It’s not unlike building the Three Gorges dam. (Laughs) So I know where I’m going to be for the next eight years of my life.”

“It’s not an unreasonable time frame if you think about it. We’re full tilt boogie right now.

This is my day job and pretty soon we’ll be 24-7.

We’re pretty well designed on all our creatures and sets. It’s pretty exciting stuff. I wish I could share with the world. But we have to preserve a certain amount of showmanship and we’re going to draw that curtain when the time is right.

“It took us four-and-a-half years to make one movie and now we’re making four. We’re full tilt boogie right now,” Cameron added.

In in 2009, audiences were awestruck at the huge leap in technology and visual effects that was presented on the big screen. The use of 3D and the immersive nature of Pandora has influenced the entire filmmaking industry and modern blockbuster moviegoing over this decade.

The fantasy adventure set in the distant magical world of Pandora, smashed box office records, taking in an as yet unrivaled $2.8 billion worldwide.

But the road for production for the upcoming sequel(s) has been turbulent, to say the least.


The sequel was first set for a 2014 release and has been delayed at least three times since then.


“Fans can expect more advanced special effects and a grander world of Avatar 2.” Sigourney Weaver teased.

“Avatar 2 will be more extraordinary than the original movie” which makes her more excited to do the film. (*Note I was under the impression her character died in the first Avatar movie so I am very interested how Cameron is being back Dr. Grace Augustine from the dead. I hit’s it’s not in the shower as a year long dream sequence like ole Bobby Ewing in Dallas.)

In the first installment of Cameron’s sci-fi saga, it was implied that Dr. Augustine’s consciousness had become part of the Pandora planet’s ‘biological neural network.


Cameron has added a bit more intrigue to that yet-to-be-solved mystery, with his official statement that confirms Weaver is a cast member in the Avatar trilogy ahead:

“Sigourney and I have a long creative history, dating back to 1985 when we made ‘Aliens.’ We’re good friends who’ve always worked well together, so it just feels right that she’s coming back for the ‘Avatar’ sequels. Her character of Grace Augustine, as fans know, died in the first movie, so she’s playing a different and in many ways more challenging character in the upcoming films. We’re both looking forward to this new creative challenge, the latest chapter in our long and continuing collaboration.”

Dr. Augustine isn’t the only human who’ll be returning from the dead in the Avatar sequels.

Jake with gun in Avatar Avatar Sequels: Sigourney Weaver Confirmed to Play Different Character
Last year, Camero also confirmed that, in addition to Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana reprising as Jake Sulley and Neytiri (as long expected), Stephen Lang is coming back despite his character Col. Miles Quaritch, having seemingly perished afar taking a few arrows to the chest in the first installment.

As with Weaver, Cameron refrained from detailing how, exactly, hard-as-iron Quaritch is being resurrected for the new

As with Weaver, Cameron refrained from detailing how, exactly, hard-as-iron Quaritch is being resurrected for the new Avatar trilogy, but also indicated that the antagonist may be painted in more shades of gray this time around – he will “evolve into really unexpected places,” to be exact.

In many ways, the first chapter in Cameron’s other-worldly epic unfolded as a Disney-esque fantasy adventure with its mythos and the allegorical core of the story rooted in sci-fi concepts (more than a work of “hard science fiction”); which is to say, the actual explanation for Weaver and Lang’s return in the sequels doesn’t, per se, need to be too convoluted.

It’s feasible that the forthcoming Avatar trilogy will offer a more innovative three-film story arc than the first installment’s narrative, in part thanks to Cameron having made the writing process a collaborative one – with the scripts having been co-penned by Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and Shane Salerno (Savages).

There are various reasons for why the first Avatar movie’s plot is, by and large, conventional to a fault, but the outcome is the same no matter how you approach it – Cameron is stepping up his game on the Avatar sequels.

Fox did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Cameron’s remarks.


Meanwhile, Disney, this week gave fans a first glimpse of its Pandora theme park attraction that is due to open at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in May.


The Pandora attraction features a Na’vi River Journey, floating mountains, luminescent plants, and an Avatar Flight of Passage ride – all inspired by the movie and its upcoming sequels, according to features on Disney-owned TV shows “Good Morning America” and “The View.”


Pandora, the World of Avatar is due to open within the park’s Animal Kingdom on May 27.


Audiences and cinema lovers should have nothing but admiration for what Cameron has accomplished as a filmmaker.

For decades, he has pushed the envelope in innovating technology that has changed both the industry and moviegoing as a whole.

But although his accomplishments deserve universal praise, one cannot help but feel frustrated with how long it is taking for him to get started on these Avatar sequels.

By the time the first sequel is released in theaters, an entire decade will have passed since the first one.

Even though Avatar remains the highest grossing film of all-time, the hunger for these new sequels doesn’t seem to be that high.

Perhaps the opening of the new theme park attractions will ignite excitement for this franchise, but as of right now,  Avatar 2 remains elusive.

What do you guys think of this news?

Do you think Avatar 2, as well as the three follow-up films, will come into fruition at all?

Sound off in the comments below.


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