Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Party: Hollywood’s Golden Ticket

elton invite Last night was Hollywood’s biggest night, and yes it was at Elton John’s 2014 AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party. There were more stars there than in the heavens.


It was a party to see and be seen and everyone starved themselves for months to get into their best fashion couture. I myself was gracing Tom Ford Classic.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party is an annual party held every year in Los Angeles since 1993, and it’s the place to be for celebs, looking to let their hair down after the ceremony. Tickets are by invitation only and cost thousands of dollars, with profits going to the AIDS Foundation.

So, what happened on the inside? Well, no real scandals as in previously years, like the one when Madonna won for best song. Elton was not amused.

This year was more like the Tournament of Noses Parade. Lots of new faces on old guests.

Let’s talk Donatella Versace. Her gown was gorgeous, hair gleaming and in the best shape of her life but……her face in person, looks as if she is coming into re-entry. She should not tell her plastic surgeon to ‘hit me baby one more time.’

Speaking of Britney Spears, she lip sang in, wearing a see-through black number. He hair was a mouse brown. I like her better as a blond. It just fits her better.

Lady Gaga arrived with an unknown attendant, not exactly an escort. He seemed nice. Now, she ruled the room looking AMAZING. I love the little peace sign on her wrist. She carried herself as the mega star she is. She sat with Donatella and dished with Elton. Gaga is Elton and Dave’s  handsome son Baby Zac’s Fairy Popmother. ELTONHOHNOSCARPARTY4

No Hollywood party is complete without the Beverly Ho-billies. Yes, I mean the KARDASHIANS. God knows the family will go to the opening of an envelope. I may well be the only one in Hollywood that doesn’t get why they are famous. I mean they can’t sing, or dance, or even act. They may be able to suck the chrome of a Bentley Bumper but really so many in Hollywood can do that. Never the less Kim did look amazing in her Orange red dress. It hid all the extra baby’s got back. Kim’s sisters and Mother were also represented. Kardashians-Elton-John-Oscar-Party-2014




As for a family I do get, the Osbourne family were in the house looking amazing. The difference may be same zip code but they live on the talent side. Mama Osbourne was in rare form with her famous wit. Love her. Kelly looked amazing, very chic. Ozzie was funny as usual and not drinking. Out of the dog house but just funny.



OK, actress Nikki Reed walks in, in what I can only describe as giant red and black handkerchief. I don’t care what famous designer made this travesty,but a word to the wise,this dress looks as if it came from the Liz Taylor kaftan collection. If it were any smaller it would be gracing some Leatherman’s back pocket.

Vanessa Hudgens was a golden girl, but the gold finger that made her creation needed to pick a different fabric. My mother has a set of drapes out of the exact fabric. It looked a bit homemade and while I think that is endearing, it just didn’t flow well. So much for drapery material….girl.

ELTONHOHNOSCARPARTY12Jane Seymour bedrocked in wearing a dress from designer Better Rubble. After living the Flintstones, it would seem she started making ready to not wear. Now, Jane could, and maybe should, have wore a brown paper bag. She is in great shape but Jane, Jane, Jane,  would dress like this if you were in the movies? But you are Jane. You are in the movies.
Jessica Lowndes opted for a strapless pink gown. In person it was shockingly tasty. Who is Jessica Lowndes you may ask? Well,she is from Canada and was in the CW remake of 90210. I didn’t watch it either ,but she was sweet and pretty in pink.

NPH and david eltons oscar party 2014

Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka attended and looked amazing. Neil honey, you have got to stop smoking. You have babies to live for. The Hollywood power couple were making jokes, one of which I can not repeat. What a shame, but our lawyers are already on speed dial.

Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower stunned all who got the privilege to speak with her. They both didn’t stay long. I saw her give him that ‘let’s go honey’ look. You know the one, and soon they were off.



Singer Steven Tyler came in and his hair was fifty shades of gray….and green. He looked a bit disheveled. Don’t get me wrong, I like Steven but he needs a new stylist. Hair over the facelift is a look Hollywood is used to. We lower the lights at the Beverly and The Four Seasons for the Botox brigade.

One Hollywood power couple had a fight from the car to the building and once inside the friendly face went on.Those masks rarely stay on where alcohol is served. The couple were fine, well at least for a while, then a few glares later and they were at it again. This isn’t the first, and certainly will not be the last, time. It seems every time I see them they are on again, off again.


Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes

Blueboy Colton Hayes was dapper in his crushed blue dinner jacket looking every bit West Hollywood. The shoes were a inspiration.


Jane Fonda walked in. Now I love me some Jane Fonda. She is articulate and passionate about so many things. We only spoke a few moments, about Russia and Ukraine, but it will be those few moments one will cherish until the end of days.


One disappointment of the night was that I wanted to speak with Jared Leto’s mom. I am also from Louisiana and I’ve wanted to meet her for a long time. Ever since I saw her son play years ago in Canada way, before becoming famous.


86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


So, my post is bit on the late side, well, to be honest, I slept most of the day.

We come to the end of this year’s madness. The studios can relax and now get back to making movies.

I think we have congratulated ourselves quiet enough for now, don’t you?


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