‘Swamp People’ Editors & Producers Settle Dispute



The labor dispute between the producers of History Channel’s “Swamp People” and the Motion Picture Editors Guild (MPEG) has been resolved.

The agreement was posted on MPEG’s local 700 Facebook page and on their Twitter, @MPEG700

On Facebook they opened a statement with “We have successfully resolved the “Swamp People” strike. After a work stoppage of four days, the crew of the History Channel’s docu-reality series will return to work with a union contract!”

That was accompanied by the Twitter message of @MPEG700 :

MPEG swamp tweet





One Response to "‘Swamp People’ Editors & Producers Settle Dispute"

  1. Jane  February 23, 2013 at 12:48 am

    If Swamp People is the show with Troy on it, then I really enjoy this show. I don’t see it as glorifying shooting gators at all! What I see is people trying to earn a living; there are many touching conversations with the crews, some are families: father/stepson, husband/wife, and I enjoy that part too. That said, I also enjoy watching Gator Boys which does educate the public about gators.

    I’m by no means trying to pick a fight here, merely expressing my opinion. But I wish as big of a deal were made about the slaughtering of cows & pigs… I’d like a show on t.v. to educate the public how many thousands are kept in deplorable conditions & savagely killed every single day. As long as we don’t see them killed, they’re simply prime rib or pork chops – not beautiful, intelligent animals. Pigs are the 3rd or 4th smartest animal – they know they’re going to be murdered. Although I’ve cut back on the meat I eat, I’m still guilty of eating it sometimes, so I realize I need to practice what I preach.

    I admire Dominic Monaghan for taking this bold stance in a cause he strongly believes in.

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