Easter Island, More Than Just Good Heads

It’s one of the oldest mysteries known to man: Easter Island. The remote piece of land is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and it holds secrets that even the most experienced archaeologist has been able to uncover.

The island is populated by iconic stone statues that look like giant heads, and their origin has baffled historians since they were discovered. But there’s more to these mysterious statues than meets the eye!

Read on to discover the hidden side of these statues. You won’t believe it when you see what they’ve been hiding all these years!

Chances are, you’ve learned about Easter Island in school. The island is covered in giant stone statues that look like heads. These figures are called moai after the Polynesian word for “head.” 


The stone figures have been a mystery for centuries, as archaeologists have been unable to determine who made them or why they ceased to be built. Adding to their questions is the fact that Easter Island is literally located in the middle of nowhere.

10 -easter-island-statues-moai

While you might only picture a handful of heads, there are actually 887 on the entire island. And heads are not all that they are…

02 -easter-island-statues-moai

Did you know they have bodies, buried deep below the ground? Really, they do!

06 -easter-island-statues-moai

Unearthing the buried statues is a lengthy process, but a rewarding one.

07 -easter-island-statues-moai

The statues at their tallest are almost 40 feet high.

04 -easter-island-statues-moai

Experts believe that they were symbols of authority and wisdom. 

05 -easter-island-statues-moai

Viewing them all in a line, they look like an army in formation. Imagine coming across this site as a sailor stopping on an island for some rest?

03 -easter-island-statues-moai

The statues are thought to have been carved by a prestigious class of craftsmen.

08 -easter-island-statues-moai

Evidence suggests that their construction was abruptly halted with no explanation.

09 -easter-island-statues-moai

The island was added to the list of World Heritage sites in 1994.

11 -easter-island-statues-moai

But that’s just part of what makes visiting the island so compelling.

12 -easter-island-statues-moai

They left behind an impressive and haunting mystery!

13 -easter-island-statues-moai

I had no idea there were bodies to those statues hidden beneath the earth! It really makes you wonder what else might be hiding on Easter Island.


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