Driftwood Horse Sculptures



Artist James Doran-Webb  has a fascinating talent where he uses driftwood and recycled metal to make life size animal sculptures.

With the help of a team of craftsmen, Doran-Webb expresses animal vitality and fierce energy in these masterful artworks that each take from 1,000 to 3,000 hours to make. The team handpicks every single piece of driftwood and then tries to figure out which ones of them fit the individual animal best.



I chose to sculpt animals as I have a great affinity for the animal spirit believing essentially that all living things share the bond of life and the struggle to exist,” said Doran-Webb.

“The driftwood is very tactile and demands to be interacted with – if I could make one person a little more aware of nature and the impact of nature on their lives I would be happy. I am a firm believer in our need to practise sustainable living in order to give future generations a better chance of survival.“ 



For more on his sculptures visit his website: http://www.jamesdoranwebb.com/

Here is a s hort video about British Sculptor James Doran-Webb.








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