Dog is shocked when told the baby news


When we get the news of a new baby being on the way, whether it’s a brother or sister, grandparents or friends, most times the reaction to the news is one of happiness and clapping, hugs and big smiles.

We’ve also seen when some family members do not react so happily to baby news.

Many have probably seen videos of a sibling who doesn’t want a new little brother or sister in the family.

Sometimes even our pets find baby news difficult to accept.

In the video below you’ll see a Golden Retriever who really wasn’t ready for a new sibling.

When the dog’s owner, John Bache, sat down with him for what he probably thought was just another moment of petting and cuddling, the Retriever’s reaction was surely not what was expected.

Suddenly, Bache matter-of-factly says that “Someones going to have a baby brother.”

Upon hearing the news the dog’s face and behavior changed instantly and dramatically.

He stopped panting, closed his mouth, and whipped his head around to go face to face with Bache.

It’s a funny Retriever ‘WTF?’ moment.

Someone is going to need a comfort hug and treat after this news.




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