Crosswalk the Musical: Hair w/ Lin-Manuel Miranda

corden and manuel hair crosswalk


James Corden of the Late, Late Show is back with another Crosswalk the Musical, this time Corden invites Broadway superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda to star in his most challenging role yet, a performance in a real crosswalk on Beverly Boulevard at CBS.

Corden and crew were joined by Miranda to perform a rendition of the classic 60’s counter-culture musical “Hair,” complete with Corden and Miranda stripping down to their birthday suits in front of an audience of people stuck at a red light.

The ensemble performed renditions of hits from the show, including “Age of Aquarius” and”Let the Sunshine In.” After they took their bows, Miranda said, “After performing out there in front of all those cars, I don’t know how you go back to Broadway. Everything else is boring!”


corden manuel hair crosswalk

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