What Is this Mickey Mouse? Oh! Its Just ABC Shows in Development

The network handed out orders. We need new shows in the worst way. Here is the shows in development. Welcome to Fantasyland, Big Thunder Mountain In a self-promoting move ABC orders from itself a drama loosely based on one of the long running Disney attraction rides titled Big Thunder. The endeavor will be written by […]

Smash 2, New & Improved With Better Taste, Or Less Filling?

On The World’s Biggest Stage, Now There’s A World of New Drama So will Smash Season 2 be New and Improved With Better Taste, Or Just Less Filling? Lets review a bit of Season 2’s opening with a Pre-recap. Frosty The Show Girl, other wise known as Megan Hilty’s character Ivy Lynn, and Bombshell winner […]

The Madness Of King Edwards

Wrapped and eaten up with jealousy against television competitor Bravo, A&E announced it has picked up a new real life series gem, “The Governor”s Wife”. David McKillop, Executive Vice President of Programming for A&E Network, announced the new series follows former Louisiana  and his 34-year-old wife, known as the Trina. This new southern masterpiece will […]

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