Smash 2, New & Improved With Better Taste, Or Less Filling?

On The World’s Biggest Stage, Now There’s A World of New Drama So will Smash Season 2 be New and Improved With Better Taste, Or Just Less Filling? Lets review a bit of Season 2’s opening with a Pre-recap. Frosty The Show Girl, other wise known as Megan Hilty’s character Ivy Lynn, and Bombshell winner […]

The Madness Of King Edwards

Wrapped and eaten up with jealousy against television competitor Bravo, A&E announced it has picked up a new real life series gem, “The Governor”s Wife”. David McKillop, Executive Vice President of Programming for A&E Network, announced the new series follows former Louisiana  and his 34-year-old wife, known as the Trina. This new southern masterpiece will […]

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