“I’m the coolest Bride ever!” says Big Brother’s Rachel

“I’m the coolest Bride ever!” – deleted scenes from BigBrother’s ‘Brenchel’ Wedding   ok..I had to use THAT picture from the ‘play wedding’, if nothing more than for our amusement. However, there was a ‘real wedding’ recently. Many of us watched it, many also avoided it. But, face it…it’s almost impossible to not look whenever […]

The Spell Binding Magic That Is Downton Abbey

  America all day was fidgeting and waiting for the latest installments of the lush period drama known as Downton Abbey. This show should be labeled an addictive and controlled substance. As the lovely Miss Lindsey sets up the night, we gather together in eager anticipation. The show’s theme music begins as if it calls […]

Remembering Gerry Anderson, known as the British Walt Disney

Gerry Anderson, known as the British Walt Disney was the creator of the classic television shows Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Stingray, Supercar, Fireball XL5, as well as his live action classics UFO and Space 1999 who died at the age of 83 this year. Anderson had been suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease since early […]