Laura-Leigh: Where’s She Going?

On tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Laura-Leigh, Jax rebound girlfriend, tells Lisa Vanderpump that she’s quitting because she’s accepted a part playing opposite of Jennifer Aniston. There was undoubtedly a collective thought of “Oh, sure you are, Laura-Leigh.” (Which wasn’t very nice, people!) Upon further checking, Ms. Laura-Leigh actually is in a movie with Jennifer […]

Vanderdolls Rule: Episodes 1-4

Video by Bravo Just in case you haven’t seen episodes 1-4 of Vanderdolls Rule,  here they are!  If you’re not familiar with the Vanderdolls, they’re hilarious short parodies of each episode. It starts with episode 1  (obviously) , 2, 3 and 4 will play consecutively on the same screen. The following episodes will be posted […]

Catfish: The TV Show: Finale “Mike and Felicia”

MTV chose the story of Michael Cooper and Felicia Clarke for the Season 1 finale of Catfish. I’ve gotta say, Catfish has become one of my favorite Reality TV Shows. I’m hoping they saved the best for last. *fingers crossed* Okay, here we go…. Mike has emailed Nev saying he’s falling hard for Felicia and […]

Survivor:Caramoan – “Honey Badger” recap

  They named the second episode, “Honey Badger”. Sorry but Brandon is no honey badger. An annoying barking ankle biter maybe . Actually, the episode should be named ‘my pants are too tight’, or ‘battle of the bulge’ or ‘battle of the bulge-less’.  I’ll explain later. Right off the bat we start with Brandon arguing  […]


  She’s back!!!!! Robin Roberts returns to her anchor chair on “Good Morning America”       Now Ms. Roberts is a smart cookie to return under the important February sweeps time period. Roberts’ first day back in her old job, since undergoing a bone marrow transplant to treat a blood disorder, was hailed as […]

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