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Guido Daniele takes Handimals to a whole new level

Most of us have attempted to make animal shapes using our hands, particularly with a light source to create shadows on a wall. Some were obvious, some were a stretch of the imagination. Some of us have used our hands to create animals a different way – Handimals. Handimals are hands painted to look like […]

The GQ Men of the Year Awards? “Hiel Hugo”

It’s Not How You Feel, But How You Look. So if it is your business to look amazing, or perhaps dress those personalities head to toe, we all know it’s all about the image. You call your analyst about your feelings, but your stylist? Well, they are on speed dial to keep you on top […]

Powerblocks – Not Just For Dumbbells Anymore

    So you want to be a Hollywood star (or any kind of star, for that matter) but don’t have enough time to exercise in between working those odd waiter and messenger jobs? Then your answer may be to do some of your workouts at home by investing in a pair of selectorized dumbbells […]

We’ll Get You My Pretty Miss Universe And Your Dog NBC, Too

One of the great mysteries in life is why the LGBT community is so fascinated by Beauty Pageants, myself included. As children we gathered around the TV sets to cheer on our favorite contestants. We ‘oohed’ and ‘oh no she didn’t’ over the swimsuits and fearlessly critiqued the evening gowns, not to mention being on […]

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