Fox show blows the lid off homophobia

The creator of Fox’s prime-time soap “Empire” said he wants to “blow the lid off homophobia” in the African-American community with a depiction of the show’s lead character’s hostile relationship with his gay son. Lee Daniels, who was also behind the movies “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” and “Precious,” said that his own father’s hostility toward […]

“Transparent’ breaks new ground

Beyond the glitzy evening gowns, Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards broke ground, with a streaming TV show with transgender themes winning more awards than NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox combined. The Amazon TV series “Transparent,” which depicts a Los Angeles family in which the father comes out as transgender, won Golden Globes in two major categories, […]

TLC Scores Low With “My Husband’s Not Gay”

Preston “Pret” Dahlgren (confused and brain washed by religious doctrine) claims to have what he imagines is the picture-perfect Mormon life: He met his high school sweetheart (beard) in Sunday school as a teenager, completed his mission (brain washed) and married her. He is active in the church and the proud father of two young […]

The Queen Of Austria Wins Eurovision

Conchita Fever has taken over Europe. The legend grew into a full movement after the second preliminary where Europe gave Conchita a warm hand on her entrance. Conchita earned enough points to move easily into the finals. The bookies predictions named Armenia the winner until a wave of change came over Europe. You could feel […]

Anti-Gay Benham Brothers Fired From HGTV

TV network HGTV still smoldering over the storm over Paula Deen, and the minor tornado “Duck Dynasty,” canceled the upcoming show “Flip It Forward” staring a pair of anti homophobic, right wing Christians. The twin brothers David and Jason Benham said their upcoming HGTV show was terminated after a recording surfaced of one brothers spewing […]