Rick Springfield, Home Away From Home, Lost Hills Sheriff Station.

RICK IS BUSTED AGAIN. Soon to be jailed bubba’s girl, former “General Hospital” star and singer Rick Springfield, who is scheduled to return to the soap in April, was arrested on a bench warrant in Malibu, CA this morning, Mar. 8. Springfield posted about the arrest himself on his official Facebook page with a photo […]

Justin Beiber – Beauty & the Beats?

Beiber verbally threatens to beat down a paparazzo.     Justin Beiber needed his bodyguards to hold him back after he charged at a photographer while leaving his London hotel.  Boy talks a lot of smack. Seems the little nice guy routine is a thing of the past.  Check out SplashNewsTV clip below. By the […]

London Bieber Is Falling Down “Breaking News”

Justin Bieber collapsed on stage from shortness of breath during a London performance on Thursday, a spokeswoman for the singer said to Spy Hollywood. “Justin fainted and took a 20-minute reprieve to the stage and was given oxygen,” the singer’s spokeswoman Melissa Victor told Reuters and Spy Hollywood.com Bieber, 19, was taken to the doctor […]

Gossip Boy – ‘OSCAR Mini Blinds’

 You think you know, but you have no idea. We are delighted to welcome Gossip Boy to SPYHollywood, and to bring you his first series of Blind Items with us. Those of you who had followed GB on his blog or on Twitter – @RealGossipBoy01, know how intriguing, interesting and fun his tidbits and gossipy […]

New Bravo Show Insults Doctors, Women, and Wives By: Brian Moylan

Everyone ridicules that old TV commercial where a soap actor proclaims, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV,” before giving us medical advice on what cough syrup to buy. Now Bravo is bringing us an equally ludicrous line, “I’m not a doctor, but I married one on TV.” That’s the premise behind […]