Eurovision Song Contest

Australia Pulls Wildcard And Will Compete In Eurovision

Australia Pulls Wildcard And Will Compete In Eurovision

Why is Australia in Eurovision 2015? Australia’s inclusion is a “one-off” invitation to the worlds biggest high camp song contest. The annual competition is hugely popular in Australia and has been for many years. Three million people watched the competition last year – 13 per cent of the country’s population. However, this is not the first […]

Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst “There is No Place like Home”

Austrian singer Conchita Wurst arrived with the Eurovision trophy at the airport in Vienna on Sunday May 11, 2014. The bearded drag queen made a triumphant return to Austria after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, in what the country’s president called a ‘victory for tolerance’ in Europe. Tens Of Thousands rush to Vienna’s […]

The Queen Of Austria Wins Eurovision

Conchita Fever has taken over Europe. The legend grew into a full movement after the second preliminary where Europe gave Conchita a warm hand on her entrance. Conchita earned enough points to move easily into the finals. The bookies predictions named Armenia the winner until a wave of change came over Europe. You could feel […]