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Comic-Con Has A New Villian, “Sexual Harassment”

An estimated 130,000 people attended Comic-Con International in San Diego last weekend, but the annual celebration, where many fans dress as fantasy heroes, seems to have brought out a few villains as well. At comic conventions across the United States, women, especially ones who arrive in costume, report being groped, verbally harassed and subjected to […]

Comic-Con Brings Screams and Dreams

Got ready for Comic-Con by eating nothing but Hot Pockets and drinking Red Bull and I can STILL fit into my Thor costume! Gamers have ventured out of their mother’s basement and loaded the car for San Diego. Yes, it is Comic-Con time again and this year it busted open with caped superheroes as fans […]

Prince Headlined Essence Festival

Prince In New Orleans Uttering his signature, “We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life,” Prince opened his set for the 20th celebration of the Essence Festival and showed thousands Friday why a 10-year wait isn’t a bad thing. As the first licks of “Let’s Go Crazy,” rang throughout the Superdome, […]