Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Kyiv, Ukraine



Ukraine won Eurovision 2016, which becomes the host country for Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Eurovision 2017 has been chosen to be held in Kyiv, Ukraine on 9, 11 and 13 May 2017.

Two Ukrainian cities were in the run for hosting the contest: The capital Kyiv and Odessa, but after a long process Kyiv won the race and will be hosting.

The arena will be International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv. The decision was revealed at a live event from Government House in Ukraine.


Per the Eurovision site, the announcement of the host city of Eurovision Song Contest 2017 had been delayed and postponed several times. At first if was scheduled for 1 August, and later postponed to 24 August – but cancelled just 20 minutes before the press conference should have taken place.

Lots of politics, drama and ongoing accusations has dominated the public discussion in the last month between officials from Kyiv and Odessa. There was a verbal war between the two cities, with accusations against the other city (some rather dirty), to prove that the proposal of their own city was better.

Kyiv (or Kiev) is the capital of Ukraine and also the largest city. Kyiv hosted the 50th Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 as a result of Ruslana’s “Wild Dances” victory in 2004. Kyiv also hosted Junior Eurovision in 2009 and 2013.


Confirmed dates for Eurovision 2017 are:


38 countries have expressed their interest for participation in the contest, which is subject to change.

It is not known if Australia has been invited to participate again in 2017.

Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and San Marino have yet to notify if they will compete.

The countries who indicated they will participate are:



Tickets for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 go on sale in November or December 2016.

How to get tickets for Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv



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