Bhad Bhabie has become a top-charting rapper

Cash Me Outside Girl's New Song Goes Nuclear: 2 Million Views In 24 Hours

In just three weeks, ‘Cash Me Outside’ artist Danielle Bregoli (Bhad Bhabie) has become a top-charting rapper.  But will anyone remember her three years from now?

According to popular independent musician Ari Herstand, two separate music industries now exist.

The traditional music industry follows the ‘Superstar Business Model’.  Major labels run this industry.  They focus solely on how to make the most amount of money in a very short timeframe.  Labels often sign artists, then quickly forget about them if they don’t earn enough money.

The second music industry follows the ‘New Music Business Model’.  This industry is composed of hard-working independent musicians.  Variety nor TMZ, argues Herstand, will ever write about them.

So, which one does the ‘Cash Me Outside’ artist fall into?  Take a wild guess.

Danielle Bregoli, a 14-year-old rapper, uses the stage name Bhad Bhabie.  She recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records.

And so far, the label has struck gold.

Bhad Bhabie recently dropped her newest single on YouTube.  Called ‘Hi Bich / Whachu Know,’ the video has earned an impressive 2 million views in just 24 hours.

Danielle Bregoli (born March 26, 2003, also known as Bhad Bhabie) is an American social media personality and rapper. She became known for the viral video meme and catch phrase “Cash Me Ousside How Bout Dah” after appearing on the Dr. Phil show in September 2016.

She released her debut single as a recording artist in late August 2017.

Bregoli appeared on the television series Dr. Phil in September 2016 to discuss her bad behavior, which went viral in January 2017. During the episode, she used the phrase “Catch me outside, how about that?” (often transliterated as “Cash Me Ousside How Bout Dah”), which later became a viral video and meme. According to Danielle’s mother, the phrase means she’ll go outside and do what she has to do (she threatened to fight the audience, telling them to “cash her ousside”).Her appearance on the show, and the catchphrase it spawned, would inspire a single based around the clips that was recorded by DJ Suede The Remix God, which entered the Billboard Hot 100, Streaming Songs, and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts in its March 4, 2017 issue.

The song in turn led to a series of dance videos that were uploaded onto YouTube. She was also nominated for a 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards in the “Trending” category based on the catchphrase.

Bregoli and her mother sued three companies for “infringing her intellectual property rights” by using her signature catchphrase without consent. She also threatened to sue Walmart for using her catchphrase on t-shirts.

Following her appearance on Dr. Phil, Bregoli spent time on a Utah ranch for troubled teens. She was later arrested and plead guilty to charges of grand theft, marijuana possession, and filing a false police report for which she was sentenced to five years probation in July 2017.

n February 2017, Bregoli’s mother Barbara Ann became involved in a fight with a female passenger, who accused her of taking too long to put her belongings in an overhead locker. Bregoli then punched the passenger in the face and was removed from the flight. All three parties involved in the scuffle were banned from Spirit Airlines for life.

In the same month, Bregoli got involved in a brawl outside a pub. Bregoli released her first single “These Heaux” (pronounced “these hoes”) on August 26, 2017. The recording reached number 77 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Bregoli the youngest female rap artist to debut on the music chart.[9][10][11] The success of “These Heaux” prompted Atlantic Records to sign Bregoli to a multi-album recording contract.

In September 2017, she remixed the Kodak Black song “Roll In Peace” and Tee Grizzley and Lil Yachty song “From the D to the A”.

On September 22, 2017, she released “Whachu Know” and a day after, “Hi Bich”, as a single alongside the music video, which received over a million views in 24 hours

On social media, Bhad Bhabie has won over new fans.  Users on Twitter wrote,

People hating on that cash me outside girls songs.  But it’s not even that bad, I’ve heard worrrrst.

“The “cash me outside” girl hands released some haaard tunes yano.


“I know this may sound f—-d up…but I actually like cash me outside girls music.”

“Cash me outside girls song not that baddddddddd.

Currently, the video has 2,304,693 views.

Bhad Bhabie’s first single, ‘These Heaux,’ released three weeks ago, led to her signing with Atlantic Records last week.  The video currently has 29,017,190 views.

At just 14, Bhad Bhabie has found massive success.  Yet, Herstand made a blunt statement on her sudden rise to fame, one that may ultimately prove true.

“I don’t care about Bhad Bhabi.  And neither will anyone else (especially not Atlantic Records) in 3 years’ time.”

He also lamented that major labels will continue to search for artists like Bhad Bhabie.  Labels won’t spend time on developing their talent in the long-run.

In a call to all artists, Herstand wrote,

So, both of these industries are existing.  Simultaneously.  One run by musicians defining their own career destinies.  And the other by money-hungry opportunists. 

“Which do you want to be a part of?”

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