American Idol: The Lonely Death of Paul Jolley – by Richard Lawson

And lo the clouds did gather over Orlando. A chill wind blew down Main Street U.S.A. Frontierland suddenly seemed small and finite, Tomorrowland’s future grew dim. A dark day dawned on DisneyWorld, because its beloved son was dead, tossed carelessly into a Hollywood dumpster, left to molder amid the skeletons of so many singtestants before […]

Will New York Fallon Replace LA Leno? Start Spreading The News.

  Spy Hollywood has learned from several senior television executives who are involved in the discussions, that NBC, the network currently in fifth place in the ratings behind CBS, ABC, FOX, and UNIVISION  is currently completing a commitment to Jimmy Fallon, for him to succeed Jay Leno as the next host of  the“Tonight Show,”   […]

New Hope For Hollywood by “Stella Says”

This could be our time’s creative renaissance. You know nothing pisses off the public like having their favorite television show canceled way before its time. There are slews of my favorites, “The Playboy Club”, “Pan Am”, “666 Park Avenue”, “GCB (Good Christian Bitches)”, “Veronica Mars‘”, and not to forget “Pushing Daisies”. In one bold movie […]

RuPaul’s Drag Race 6 Now Casting!

Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is casting… right now! The deadline for applications is April 9th, which is fast approaching. Visit the official casting site and follow the 4 important steps to apply.     RuPaul is on the hunt for America’s NEXT DRAG SUPERSTAR! Do you have more Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent […]

London Bieber Is Falling Down “Breaking News”

Justin Bieber collapsed on stage from shortness of breath during a London performance on Thursday, a spokeswoman for the singer said to Spy Hollywood. “Justin fainted and took a 20-minute reprieve to the stage and was given oxygen,” the singer’s spokeswoman Melissa Victor told Reuters and Spy Bieber, 19, was taken to the doctor […]