London Bieber Is Falling Down “Breaking News”

Justin Bieber collapsed on stage from shortness of breath during a London performance on Thursday, a spokeswoman for the singer said to Spy Hollywood. “Justin fainted and took a 20-minute reprieve to the stage and was given oxygen,” the singer’s spokeswoman Melissa Victor told Reuters and Spy Bieber, 19, was taken to the doctor […]

The Walking Dead “Clear” S:03 E:12

So, this week’s episode “Clear” was a bit of a snore, but for good reason I’m hoping. Let’s just say it felt a little lack-luster in the suspense department. That’s not to say it didn’t satisfy the progression of the story. It was a filler episode to set up future events for us. It begins […]

Drop Dead Diva “Its Alive”

DROP DEAD DIVE IS BACK FOR SEASON 5 Just 6 weeks ago Spy Hollywood reported that Lifetime, (the men hating network) surprised us all by canceling one of their hit shows, the popular Drop Dead Diva. Today they announced the shows producers Sony Pictures TV found a new financial model that Lifetime could approve of. […]

Gossip Boy – ‘OSCAR Mini Blinds’

 You think you know, but you have no idea. We are delighted to welcome Gossip Boy to SPYHollywood, and to bring you his first series of Blind Items with us. Those of you who had followed GB on his blog or on Twitter – @RealGossipBoy01, know how intriguing, interesting and fun his tidbits and gossipy […]