SPY’S Top 5 Worst CEOs of 2012

It is Award Season and the results are in. May we have the envelope on the worst CEO’s of 2012. Who are the absolute worst American chief executives of all time. Lets start with the top five of 2012? The movers and Shakers who nether moved or shook the financial markets to success in 2012. […]

SPY’s List of 21 Music Artists Censors.

Since the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll, radio stations, TV networks and even entire countries have sought to silence controversial musicians by making their music, videos, and, in some cases, the artists themselves less accessible to the public. Provocative punk band Pussy Riot felt the burn of Moscow’s censors Friday (Aug. 17), when a member […]

Paris Haute Couture: Armani Prive spring/summer 2013

It’s hard, when you’re sitting opposite Uma Thurman, Hilary Swank, Claudia Cardinale and Isabelle Huppert, not to get distracted from the clothes. Who’s ageing gracefully? Who’s done what to their face… It’s not very brotherly you tell yourself. Stop it! But the Armani front row is always a fascinating snapshot of Hollywood past, present and […]

PARIS — Haute couture, fashion’s most luxurious appellation, can only ever come from Paris.

One thing couture week’s third and final day proved, however, is that despite these geographical limits, Paris punches high above its weight creatively, attracting designers the world over and evoking every culture under the sun. Italian house Valentino flew in its small army of artisan seamstresses to Paris for their spring-summer 2013 show Wednesday, which […]