Great British Actor Richard Griffiths Dies at 65 following Heart Surgery

When an Actor from one of your beloved television programs, films or stage presentations passes on, it seems very personal. After all, they have become part of the family. One of our family, the British actor Richard Griffiths, who starred in the Harry Potter films and the cult hit Withnail and I, has died at […]

Tracie Bennett! as Judy Garland, In ‘End of The Rainbow’

                                         JUDY, JUDY JUDY What makes a performer a DIVA?  Many of us have a list of women we consider Divas. They are for no other definition the best of the best and Judy Garland is right at the top. We have seen many a Judy Garland impersonator in our time but never one that […]


Many of the gossip sites, magazines, and blogs have a new destructive pastime–trapping a celebrity. In this game of thrones, the main strategy is to enrage the personality with false or absurd claims that will engage, not only dialog, but legal action and bingo they have the celebrity by the short hairs. At what age does […]

Conspiracies, Myths & Legends- Titanic: A Tall Tell Of Two Irish Sisters

This program is part of our series highlighting great myths and conspiracies theories. One of the most controversial and complex theories was put forward by Robin Gardiner in his book, RMS Titanic,: The Ship That Never Sank? In it, Gardiner draws on several events and coincidences that occurred in the months, days, and hours leading […]