Are Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Engaged For Real?

goldie-hawn-kurt-russell-walk-of-fame-today-tease-002-170505_8da6169eb0182ea1b4edcdf336cc4ee9-1024x576-1-696x392We’re used to Hollywood couples separating after spending a few years together, but some exceptions prove that there is real love even in their world. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are an amazing couple with an inspiring love story which lasts for decades. Not only that, but something unexpected happened recently.

Trying Times

If you ask Goldie Hawn, she won’t hide that maintaining a long relationship is hard work. As she once told People Magazine, “monogamy is a very tough order. You’re in the prime of your life, you are attracted to other people, potentially, you have fantasies about that.” However, this power couple has managed to surpass challenges.

How It All Began

Goldie and Kurt didn’t experience love at first sight. They first met on the set of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band in 1968. They were both new at their careers. In fact, this was the first feature film Hawn has appeared in, while Russell had only three film credits in his resume.

Age Mattered

The main reason they didn’t hit it off immediately was the age difference. They did have a nice time together, but they didn’t even think about the future together. In an interview with BBC, Goldie recalled, “I thought he was adorable, but he was much too young.” She was 21 and he was 16. And though five years mean nothing later in life, they can make a huge gap in the youth.

Road to Stardom

After they finished filming the movie together, Goldie and Kurt separated and moved on with their lives. Only a year later, Goldie received an Academy award for Supporting Actress for Cactus Flower. Her career skyrocketed; the audience loved her and couldn’t get enough of here. She was nominated for another Oscar for her role in Private Benjamin.

A Honky Tonk Woman

Goldie was unstoppable during the 70’s. She was a host in two TV specials, Pure Goldie (1971) and The Goldie Hawn Special (1978). Everybody wanted to work with her. In 1972, Warner Brothers approached her with a country record deal. Her album Goldie was made with the help of Dolly Parton and Buck Owens. She did a cover of Bob Dylan’s song.

The Action Hero

In the meantime, Russell didn’t have such a great career. He did work on TV and film until he finally earned an Emmy nomination for the leading role in TV movie Elvis. Finally, he became mega-famous after playing Snake Plissken in a dystopian action movie Escape from New York and the sequel Escape from Los Angeles. Russell worked with the Escape director John Carpenter again in the horror movie The Thing.

Last Written Words

A mysterious message about Kurt still hasn’t been explained. Walt Disney’s last written words were “Kurt Russell,” not long before his death in 1966. Kurt was a child actor for Walt Disney Studios before the world got to know him. He also had a long-term contract with the studio to work in their films. Did Disney with this message predict he would soon become an acting legend?

Decisions, Decisions

Kurt Russell had a tough decision to make – would he pursue the acting career or become a professional baseball player. He joined the minor leagues inspired by his father. He rose to class AA in the California Angels in 1973, where he played second base. His average of .563 got him to lead the league but he eventually went back to acting.

Two Separate Lives

Just as their professional lives were developing separately, Goldie and Kurt led separate personal lives. She married dancer Gus Trikonis in 1969 and stayed with him for seven years. Soon after the divorce, Hawn married musician Bill Hudson and had two children with him – Oliver and Kate Hudson. Russell wed Season Hubley with whom he starred in Elvis and had son Boston with her.

We Meet Again

In 1983, Goldie and Kurt met again at an audition for Swing Shift. Russell was mesmerized with Goldie so many years after their last encounter. A drunken night and a bad hangover made him struggle to express his feeling. One time when he was a guest on Conan, Russell admitted he approached Goldie saying: “Man, you’ve got a great figure.”

A First Date To Remember

Against all odds, it worked. Kurt scored a date with Goldie. They went to see a movie and continued to a club for swing dancing. The police even involved and made the night worth remembering. After the clubbing, they went back to Hawn’s home. Since she had just bought it, she didn’t even have a key, so the two of them broke in. The police notice someone breaking into the house and suspected robbery. Isn’t that a memorable first date?

The New Gold Bunch

Goldie became pregnant three years into the relationship with Kurt. Wyatt Russell came to the world on July 10, 1986. Wyatt immediately had three half-siblings, two Hawn’s children with Hudson and one Russell’s child with Hubley. The family bond was so strong that Kate Hudson thinks of Kurt as her real father. Wyatt is also in the acting industry, appearing in movies such as Everybody Wants Some! and 22 Jump Street.

Kate Hudson’s Fame

Goldie and her daughter Kate Hudson are incredibly close. Goldie is proud of raising such a great woman who has become a star actress on her own. She acted in several blockbuster films, including How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Raising Helen, and My Best Friends’ Girl. She is a multi-talented woman who also owns a fitness company.

Almost Famous

It wasn’t easy for Kate growing up in the shadow of two movie legends. She realized the importance of distancing herself from them early and started building her own career. Her first major role came in the form of Penny Lane in “Almost Famous,” directed by Cameron Crowe. This role got her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Kate And Kurt Russell

Kate was quite lucky when it came to having a stepdad. Many kids have difficult relationships with their stepparents, but Kate thinks of Kurt as her biological father. Moreover, she never hid criticism towards her real father, Bill Hudson. Kurt helped raise Kate from a very early age (18 months) so they are as close as it gets. As for Hudson, Kate said that he has no idea where she is.

Kate And Oliver’s Relationship With Their Father

Goldie had another child with Bill Hudson – Oliver. Both Kate and Oliver spoke about their efforts to reach their biological father, but Bill didn’t reply. Brother and sister are very close and perhaps their unsuccessful reach for their real dad got them even closer. Luckily, they always had Kurt.

The Absent Father Speaks

In 2015, Oliver shared a critiquing post on Instagram meant for his father Bill. “Happy abandonment day,” he wrote on Father’s Day. Bill Hudson shared his side of story for The Daily Mail. In his words, Goldie “poisoned” his children against him. He claims he had tried to stay close to Kate and Oliver after the divorce, but Goldie pulled them away from him and towards Kurt. The post Oliver shared was “the last straw” and he decided he doesn’t want anything to do with them anymore.

Kate And Goldie’s Relationship

Goldie managed to have a great relationship with Kate, despite all the challenges mothers and daughters usually have. To this day, Kate credits a big part of her success to Goldie, who was a perfect example to her. She also believes that everything valuable in her life comes from Goldie. The two of them are perfectly supportive to each other.

What about Wyatt

Like the rest of the family, Wyatt is pursuing an acting career. Before he turned to acting, he was playing hockey professionally, which helped him in his role of a partying athlete in Everybody Wants Some! His parents had one advice for him: “Be on time, know your lines, and be a nice guy.”

Granny Goldie

The time flies and Goldie and Kurt’s children are adults now. They have their own families making Goldie and Kurt grandparents. Kate has two kids, one with her ex-husband Chris Robinson and another with Matt Bellamy. Unfortunately, both of her marriages came to an end. Her brother Oliver has three children, so grandma and grandpa have a handful when they all come to visit them.

Raising Families

The entire family is into Buddhism and meditation, even though Goldie has raised her children as Jewish. Kate mentioned that meditation helps her calm and that it had a great impact on her life. She devotes around 30 minutes each morning and afternoon to meditation. Oliver is a big fan of Buddhism – when he married his wife Erinn, the ceremony was officiated by a Buddhist monk.

Working Together

When they reconnected while shooting Swing Shift, Goldie and Kurt found themselves in front of a challenge. They definitely had a great chemistry on-screen and off-screen. And while Swing Shift didn’t earn back the amount spent on production, the next film they made together, Overboard, was a true success, making $27 million at the box office. That was the last time they appeared together on screen.

Get Rid Of The Wedding Bells

Despite being happy together for 34 years now, Kurt and Goldie never got married. They apparently didn’t find the institution of marriage attractive. As Hawn once asked, “What is marriage going to do for us?” But this doesn’t mean the couple wasn’t open to other types of celebrations.

Individual Interests

To build a relationship as healthy and happy as Kurt and Goldie’s, you need years of support and trust. The two of them find that supporting one another means much more than simply encouraging the other one to do what makes them happy. Their new house features his and her wings so they can completely devote to individual interests and hobbies – hunting for Kurt and meditation and yoga for Goldie.

Staying Together without Wedding Vows

Many people find it hard to stay together without wedding vows. Goldie and Kurt, on the other hand, think that not being married is what kept them together. In a Vanity Fair interview, Goldie explained this by saying that if they had gotten married, they would have divorced a long time ago. According to her, “there’s something psychological about not being married because it gives you the freedom to make decisions one way or the other. For me, I chose to stay. Kurt chose to stay, and we like the choice.”

A Walk To Remember

This fabulous couple had the celebration of a lifetime on May 4 this year. Celebrating their hard-earned success, Russell and Hawn walked down a Hollywood Boulevard red carpet, hand in hand, to receive their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What makes their stars even more special is the fact that they are placed next to each other, illustrating not only their accomplishments in the acting industry but also their love and devotion for one another.

Guest List Of Famous Faces

Without a wedding in plans, the couple’s friends and family were thrilled to celebrate this happy event with them. Numerous famous people joined the guest list, including Reese Witherspoon and Quentin Tarantino. Naturally, Kate Hudson was the one to deliver an emotional speech honoring her mother and stepfather.

Kate’s Emotional Speech

Kate’s speech moved her mother to tears. The young actress joked that “I always thought I’d be talking about them at like a wedding or something. But since a wedding doesn’t seem to be in our near future, ever, this may be my only opportunity.” Well, even though it wasn’t a wedding, the whole ceremony was simply beautiful.

Goldie’s Sense Of Humor

After Kate, Goldie stepped on the podium. She joked by saying, “Did we just get married?” The actress, very well known for her sense of humor, continued by saying, “We’ve never had a celebration like this before, but I’m not going to pop the question.”

It Was A Good Year for Goldie

This year has brought more good things for Hawn than a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, but an engagement is not among them. Only a week after the red carpet ceremony, her movie Snatched (co-starring Amy Schumer) premiered. It is the first movie she appeared in after 15 years.

He Had A Good Year Too

Kurt Russell is also having quite a good year. His two latest movies, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Fate of the Furious are currently the biggest hits of 2017, earning over $2 billion worldwide. Despite his incredible success, Kurt got on the podium at the star receiving ceremony and couldn’t stop talking about the love of his life, Goldie.

A Good Year For All

2017 is a good year for the whole clan! Goldie and Kurt’s kids are having lots of success: Kate and Oliver are working harder than ever. After her book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body, Kate has been filming Marshall alongside Chadwick Boseman. The movie will be released later this year.

Family Is Everything

They wouldn’t be this strong if they didn’t always put family first. All the members of Hawn/Russell clan realize this and cherish their relationships. Even though the kids would love to see their parents getting married, they respect and appreciate them as a strong couple and great role models.

Everlasting Love

Luckily, Goldie and Kurt managed to escape the Hollywood curse and stayed together for decades. Their bond is stronger today than ever. We can never know if the fact that they never had marital pressure had something to do with it. The most important thing is that their family and friends know that they have an example of everlasting love right before their eyes.

The Perfect Words

A rough start has led to a great future together. When they first met, Kurt was too young for Goldie, and the next time he had few words for her. But now he can express his feeling much more clearly: “To you, I owe my wonderful life. Simply put Goldie, I cherish you. All of the stars in the sky or the boulevard don’t hold a candle to that. There’s no one else I’d rather be next to than Goldie Hawn.”

People Still Love Them

Nearly three and a half decades into their relationship, they are as adorable as the day they got together. A remake of their 1987 film Overboard is in the works, starring Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez. And while Kurt and Goldie might never appear in a movie together again, they have everything they need to spend the rest of their lives happy.

Are They Finally Getting Married?

Goldie is out and about sporting a sparkling new engagement ring. So are Hollywoods power couple finally going Overboard to the chapel of love? Our inside sources say yes.

Our inside sources say yes. The list of available bridemaids are still coming in. Stay tuned, we have Donna Karen and Vera Wang on speed dial.


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