Are Americans Cowelling for Less Simon Cowell?

celebs x factor departures 2 141209The So Mucho producer has made millions on knowing and anticipating the taste, or lack of it ,of the average television viewer.

With shows like X factor, American Idol/Pop Idol franchises that run all over the world, to Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent, Simon has proven he is the one with the X factor.

Simon’s reported net worth is a cool $370 million, along with the pitiful annual salary topping $95 million.

Simon’s rise to fame and fortune started with odd jobs in his youth, Simon went to work with his father, Eric Philip Cowell, an executive at EMI Music Publishing.

Initially starting out in the mail room, Simon worked his way up to music publisher before leaving to form his own label, E&S Music.

Simon moved to Fanfare Records where he would gain success with the signing and dating of singer Sinitta.

Cowell remained at Fanfare for eight years until its parent company went to BMG, with Cowell eventually following to form S-Records.


Success came from not just music artists but novelty releases based on popular television icons The Wiggles and Mighty Morphine Power Rangers.

In 2001, Cowell became a judge on the British television reality show Pop Idol, which in turn spawned a worldwide franchise now seen in over 100 countries.

Cowell eventually moved on to judge Pop Idol spin-off American Idol where he earned a peak salary at $33 million per season.

Cowell uses his newest label, Syco, as a platform to release records from the talent seen on its sister company, Syco TV, which produces  The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and its now subsequent licensed sister show, America’s Got Talent.

Simon has been plagued with the rise of the tabloid monsters.

It is true powerful rich men do stupid things, and Simon is no different.


Simon became involved with his friend Andrew’s wife and surprise, she is now carrying his child. Condoms Simon. A simple rubber extension would have saved you millions. I can not stress this enough.

Is America’s fascination with the Midas Cowell waning? His shows here seem to be losing steam.

The return of the X Factor USA has been beaten in the TV ratings by Big Brother as its audience figures drop to an all-time low.

Wednesday’s episode on the Fox network drew 6.2 million viewers, compared with 6.7 million for Big Brother on CBS, according to figures.

The first episode of the X Factor pulled in 12.1 million people in 2011.

Season three saw new judges Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio join the returning Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell.

The X Factor aired for one hour on Wednesday, compared to its typical two hours in previous seasons.

The final of MasterChef, which followed the X Factor on Fox at 21:00, also drew 6.2 million viewers. According to the industry magazine, Variety, that represented a rise on previous weeks.


Cowell had announced in October that the X Factor would be returning for a third season.

That decision by TV bosses surprised many as viewing figures have continued to fall since the show began in 2011.

The UK version of the show, which returned to ITV on Saturday 31 August, enjoyed an average audience of 9.2 million.

Part two of the show, broadcast on Sunday night, was watched by more viewers, averaging 9.9 million.

Last year’s opener fell to 8.7 million, down on the 12 million of 2011.

Simon is quick to respond to the viewing numbers and I expect some surprises with X factor very soon.


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