America’s top athletes show off for fifth ESPN ‘The Body Issue’


 Ahletes rely on their toned physiques to excel and in the fifth annual ESPN Magazine’s The Body Issue.



Sports stars have stripped down to celebrate those God-given talents.

In the much-celebrated issue, which hit the newsstands on July 12, gorgeous blond NHRA funny car racer Courtney Force and Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried each grace one of eight covers, while New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey also shows off his fine form.


Laying provocatively on a huge car tire in the desert, 25-year-old Force is certainly a force to be reckoned with. In another shot, the driver is pictured nude carrying a red gas can down the middle of an empty road.

She told SPY HOLLYWOOD that she had to train extra hard to keep up with her male counterparts on the track. ‘We’re driving 10,000 horsepower cars and although I am a female, I have to work extra hard to drive one of these cars to keep up with the men.’


Are showing these physiques high art or high camp?

Has ESPN Magazine’s The Body Issue gone one extreme too far?


So many of us Americans do not have the discipline to keep our bodies at peak performance levels let alone in the shape of these professional athletes, but we can admire the hard work and self sacrifice these dedicated athletes have made.


These athletic bodies are works of sculpted art and should be displayed for viewing, if for no other reason to remind us mortals that with hard work and extreme dedication we too could be considered art.


SPY sees a trend brewing. “The shock treatment”. Rolling Stone is currently feeling the sting out a bad decision for its July cover. I hope ESPN will not take the leap from art, past pop culture straight to shock. The swimsuit issue to be replaced with a centerfold spread like Hustler. When is too much simply too much?

For today this gallery of physical beauty can be admired as it was intended by the viewing public that immortalizes the athlete.



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