Airborne Rescue Water Dogs Jump from Helicopter

water rescue dogs


Here is a terrific video showing dogs doing their training at the Italian Dog Rescue School.

This is just rescue on land in tight places or finding lost hikers or children.

These dogs are trained in water rescue…by jumping from a helicopter!

Training drills are conducted at the Italian School Of Water Rescue Dogs and the dogs are trained from the age of three months to perform a wide range of rescue exercises.

While many know how Labrador Retrievers are excellent water dogs, most do not think of the Newfoundland breed.

The Newfoundland is an especially useful breed for these sorts of rescue missions, owing to their advanced swimming skills and their webbed feet. Their strength and swimming ability makes them a natural candidate for these rescues and their human trainers, and those needing rescue,  appreciate their presence because of their ability to power through fatigue and reach those who are distressed.


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