69th Emmy Awards “Here Are Our Predictions”

emmys 69thThe winners will be named Sunday night when the 69th Emmy Awards are presented at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The show will air at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

In the meantime, guesses will have to suffice. With that in mind, a pair of intrepid Associated Press television critics are going public with their picks for who will win – and who should.

Will Jeffrey Tambor make it three Best Comedy Actor wins for his performance on “Transparent”? They say: yes and no.

Will the distaff whodunit “Big Little Lies” fall to the splashy “Feud: Bette and Joan” for Best Limited Series? They say: No and yes.

Here are their forecasts for seven major Emmy races:

We broke it down into two voting groups here at SPY Corporate SPY STAFF#1  and SPY STAFF #2  Here are the results.




Should win: “The Handmaid’s Tale.” A work of art so revelatory of our time should reign.

Will win: “The Crown.” It’s not just that Hollywood is filled with Anglophiles, although that’s one reason the lavish story of young Queen Elizabeth will win. Emmy voters also adore epic sweep (see previous winner “Game of Thrones”) and this has it.


Should win: “This Is Us.” Is this the gutsiest drama on TV? It dares to confront everyday, ordinary life – and makes it extraordinary. No wonder it touched hearts.

Will win: “The Handmaid’s Tale.” A classic novel from the past is transformed into a hauntingly up-to-the-minute cautionary tale. No wonder it touched nerves.




Should win: “Atlanta.” A tour de force by creator and star Donald Glover epitomizing the small screen’s embrace of unexpected and challenging material.

Will win: “Veep.” Comedies keep winning streaks going, and with just two Emmys so far, it’s far behind the five top comedy trophies each that “Modern Family” and “Frasier” collected.


Should win: “Master of None.” Moving even beyond the masterful first season, Year Two was a festival of inspired short films, with emotions and ideas supplementing its wit.

Will win: “Veep.” Despite a field of bright, new and varied candidates, voters will default to this plenty-rewarded, all-too-seasoned Emmy mainstay.




Should win: Sterling K. Brown (“This Is Us”). First among equals in an excellent cast, with a nuanced vulnerability that always keeps the heartbreak on the right side of soap opera.

Will win: Brown. His winning turn last year as determined O.J. Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden shows his versatility. Emmy voters get it.


Should win: Matthew Rhys (“The Americans”). He’s so long overdue after five seasons of high intrigue and multiple personas in his role as a Russian spy masquerading as a 1980s American suburban dad!!

Will win: “This Is Us” stars Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia will cancel out each other in the voting. That leaves lovably shifty Bob Odenkirk the winner after three consecutive nominations as the lead on “Better Call Saul.”




Should win: Elisabeth Moss (“The Handmaid’s Tale”). The “Mad Men” curse never lifted for Moss as it did for Jon Hamm, but her subtly fierce portrayal of a woman caught in hell shouldn’t be slighted.

Will win: Claire Foy (“The Crown”). A lovely and delicate turn, and playing British queens on the big screen worked for Judi Dench and Helen Mirren, the latter also nabbing an Emmy for the miniseries “Queen Elizabeth I.”


Should win: Keri Russell (“The Americans”). She’s so long overdue after five seasons of high intrigue and multiple personas in her role as a Russian spy masquerading as a 1980s American suburban mom!!

Will win: Elisabeth Moss (“The Handmaid’s Tale”), passed over as a nominee seven times in the past for “Mad Men” and other great work. Voters realize it’s her turn.




Should win: Donald Glover (“Atlanta”). An auteur who has the magnetism of a star, but it can take time for voters to warm up to a new voice.

Will win: Jeffrey Tambor (“Transparent”). He’s brilliant, he’s won twice before and his transgender role makes a deeply affecting statement.


Should win: Aziz Ansari. Previously known as a clever comic presence, he went even further with this season’s “Master of None.” That extra credit should translate into an Emmy.

Will win: Donald Glover (“Atlanta”). A breakout talent with a fresh and deeply felt comic vision – who wouldn’t want to give this star an Emmy salute?




Should win: Tracee Ellis Ross (“black-ish”). Putting the indomitable Julia Louis-Dreyfus aside for argument’s sake, doesn’t Ross deserve respect for combining the rubber-faced charm of Lucille Ball with a modern woman’s spine of steel?

Will win: Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep”). She is undeniably sublime, and it was announced that next season will be the political satire’s last. So, no stinting!


Should win: So many overlooked funny ladies should be here: Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of “Broad City.” Julie Klausner of “Difficult People.” Rashida Jones of “Angie Tribeca.” Sharon Horgan of “Catastrophe.” Sarah Jessica Parker of “Divorce.” Since they aren’t, and Ellie Kemper is, why not reward her for the gradually wisening naif she plays so irresistibly on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”?

Will win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep”). Why would voters stop with five in a row?




Should win: “The Night Of.” As consuming as a true-crime documentary but with human frailty made indelible in this superb production.

Will win: “Big Little Lies.” It’s close between Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon’s addictive drama versus the juicy “Feud: Bette and Joan,” but Kidman and Witherspoon were also hands-on executive producers. Entrepreneurial women win.


Should win: Edging out the equally deserving “Big Little Lies” in a photo finish: “The Night Of,” a dark and disturbing feast of storytelling, acting, pathos and suspense. Not a false note or a moment of relief. A masterpiece.

Will win: “Feud: Bette and Joan.” Flashy, lavish and blessed with bravura performances by Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange. Hooray for Hollywood!

On Saturday night, Leah Remini won her first Emmy for her A&E series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

Remini, 47, teared up as she accepted her award at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles.

Wearing a sophisticated floral-print dress with a pussy bow by the neck, Remini dedicated the award to the “brave contributors who [worked on the series] despite ongoing risk and repercussions.”

Remini’s A&E series documents the experiences of former Scientology members, including her own.

“I’m so happy to share this,” Remini continued. “It’s not an easy job but they were the ones putting their stories out there for everyone to hear.”

She also thanked her mother and jokingly added, “you are officially forgiven for getting us into a cult.”

Back in the press room, Remini told reporters about how moving the experience of winning was — and how the award doesn’t really belong to her.

“Well, it’s — as an actress, you always want to get an Emmy nomination or win an Emmy and as you get a little older you realize what’s really important and you are exposed to stories like this,” Remini said. “It becomes more about doing the right thing and so it doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to our heroes and so it’s so much more fulfilling.”

“I’ve always wanted to win this but it means so much more knowing that it actually does belong to our contributors who are the brave ones who are telling us and all of us their stories,” she added.

Remini previously told PEOPLE the process of adjusting to a life outside Scientology “doesn’t happen overnight” because “it’s a learning process; it’s changing the way you think.

Asked how she was planning on balancing her A&E series with her new role on CBS comedy Kevin Can Wait, Remini told reporters, “Well, we’ve been doing it. I’ve already started on Kevin Can Wait and it’s definitely a balancing act.”

Rpdrs6_horizontal_rupaulRual Paul Wins AgainUnfortunately, RuPaul wasn’t present at the Emmys to accept his second award, as he’s rather busy taking over the Javits Center in New York with RuPaul’s Drag Con. However, he did give this statement:

“I am beyond grateful to the Television Academy for giving love to our show again this year. Providing an international platform for 113 outrageous, courageous and talented queens has been the greatest reward of all. None of this would be possible it weren’t for the incredible cast and crew of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and my partners at World of Wonder and VH1.”

RuPaul’s Drag Con is on again today in New York. If you’d like to see the queens and the supermodel of the world, RuPaul, and if you can get a last-minute ticket, you can sashay your way over today.

Dollymgid_uma_video_mtv.com_668975Dolly Parton says she’s excited to be in the Hollywood mix on Emmy Awards weekend.

The 71-year-old entertainer was among the stars making the pre-show party rounds Friday with a stop at Variety and Women in Film’s gathering at Gracias Madre restaurant in West Hollywood, California.

“All the parties, seeing all the stars… I still get a kick out of it,” Parton said. “I’m a country girl.”

Wearing a skin-tight black rhinestone-studded dress, Parton said she’s also excited about her gown and wig for Sunday’s show. She’s up for an Emmy in the TV movie category for “Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love.”

Parton’s weekend was not all about fancy parties, though. She said she spent some time in the kitchen earlier Friday.

“Well, I made some sausage and biscuits for my trip home on the bus after the shows are over. And I made some chicken and dumplings, a few little groceries that I put together,” she said. “See, I travel in my tour bus and I always cook my own food. So that was not very glamorous, but it was good.”

There’s no word on whether Parton indulged in the snacks served at the party, which included mini empanadas and cheese-filled roasted figs. Viola Davis partook in the ice cream sundae bar, topping her scoop with frosted animal cookies.

Meanwhile, stars packed the restaurant’s patio. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade chatted with friends, “The Handmaid’s Tale” star Samira Wiley held hands with her wife, and Kate Flannery hugged William H. Macy as he and Felicity Huffman made their way through the crowd.

Other guests included Sarah Hyland, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lea Michele, Judith Light, Claire Foy and Brian Tyree Henry.

The television academy also held a party Friday night for acting nominees, where John Turturro, Angela Bassett and Laverne Cox were among the guests.


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